Free humour Kindle books for 07 Aug 18


by Brett Williams

“Williams channels the ghost of Bukowski in this wonderfully ugly story of laziness and romance. His prose is sharp and brutally honest. Read his words with gloves on, because your hands are bound to get dirty.” — Max Booth III, author of HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY KIDNAP STRANGERS

Follow Chuck Becker, alcoholic painter and writer, as he finagles his way to rent-free living, the company of women, horse racing tips, and a cult following for his poetry and prose.

This novelette originally appeared in Long Distance Drunks: A Tribute to Charles Bukowski

Fat Budge, Skinny Budge

by Kurt Isaacson

Tired of being talked down to by all of those other health and fitness books? Sick of their never-ending stream of confusing buzzwords, charts, and graphs that are meant to impress you but are instead just plain confusing? If so, then Fat Budge, Skinny Budge is what you’re looking for! Written by a layman for the layman, Fat Budge, Skinny Budge trims the fat from the world of health and fitness and gets right down to business!

Learn all you need to know about nutrition – including Kryptonite foods and megasupercrystals – without having to first go to college and earn multiple degrees!

Discover everything important about exercise – including Angry High School Coach training and Shy Muscle condition – without having to spend weeks of sleepless nights doing research on the internet!

And finally, learn how to best measure your progress and deal with your inevitable screw ups with easy-to-understand, straightforward solutions, one of which includes seeing if your car can go for 30,000 miles between oil changes!

Informative, thought provoking, and hard-hitting, Fat Budge, Skinny Budge pulls no punches in providing you with the information you need to conquer the world of health and fitness! So, if you’re sick of languishing in the dreaded Fat Budge Zone, and instead want to begin your journey towards the much-coveted Skinny Budge Zone, then look no further. Fat Budge, Skinny Budge is here for you!

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