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Stoic Six Pack 5 – The Cynics (Illustrated): An Introduction to Cynic Philosophy, The Moral Sayings of Publius Syrus, Life of Antisthenes, The Symposium (Book IV), Life of Diogenes and Life of Crates

by Diogenes Laërtius.

“I would rather go mad than feel pleasure.”
– Antisthenes.

For Cynics the secret to happiness was living a life of virtue in harmony with Nature with only the bare essentials necessary for survival. They rejected materialism and were free of belongings. Many were homeless and proud of it. The Cynics emphasized the value of self-sufficiency, or autarkeia. They ate one (vegetarian) meal a day and made a habit of walking vast distances to stay in shape. The school extolled the virtue of perseverance, or karteria.

The founder of Cynicism was Antisthenes (445 – 365 BC), a former student of Socrates. He was followed by Diogenes of Sinope, who famously lived in a tub on the streets of Athens. The third key figure was Crates of Thebes (360 – 280 BC), a rich man who gave away his money to live a life of pious poverty. Crates wed the like-minded Hipparchia of Maroneia and they became one of the few known philosopher couples in antiquity.

Stoic Six Pack 5 – The Cynics presents the key primary sources of this ancient philosophy, as well as secondary material to provide insight and understanding:

An Introduction to Cynic Philosophy by John MacCunn.
The Moral Sayings of Publius Syrus, a Roman Slave by Publius Syrus.
Life of Antisthenes by Diogenes Laërtius.
Book IV of The Symposium by Xenophon.
Life of Diogenes by Diogenes Laërtius.
Life of Crates by Diogenes Laërtius.

With the rise of Stoicism in the 3rd Century B.C., the Cynic movement stalled. But there was renewed interest in the 1st Century A.D. when bedraggled Cynics could be found on the streets of Rome in large numbers, preaching their creed of anti-materialism and a simple life. The philosophy struck a chord with certain elements of Roman society and Cynics flourished into the 4th Century A.D., unlike Stoicism, which had long since faded by that time.

“It is not that I am mad, it is only that my head is different from yours.”
– Diogenes of Sinope.

Stoic Six Pack 9 – The Presocratics (Illustrated): Anaximander, The School of Miletus, Zeno, Parmenides, Pre-Socratic Philosophy and The Eleatics

by John Marshall

The philosophers who preceded Socrates (469 – 399 BC), the PreSocratics, were the first recorded individuals to reject mythological explanations for the unknown. Aristotle called the PreSocratics physikoi meaning physicists, after physis, nature, because they sought natural explanations for phenomena, as opposed to the earlier theologoi, theologians, whose philosophical basis was supernatural. The physikoi invented maps, an early time-keeping device in the form of a sun-dial and they were the first to logically argue that the earth was a spherical shape.

While most of the physikoi produced significant texts, none of their works have survived in complete form. All that is available are quotations by later philosophers (often biased) and historians, and the occasional textual fragment. Diogenes Laërtius divides them into two groups, Ionian and Italiote, led by Anaximander and Pythagoras, respectively. Other key figures include Thales, Zeno and Parmenides.

Stoic Six Pack 9 – The PreSocratics brings together a broad selection of key primary and secondary texts to help shed light on this important early philosophy school.

Stoic Six Pack 9 – The PreSocratics

Anaximander’s Book, the Earliest Known Geographical Treatise by William Arthur Heidel.
The School of Miletus: Thales, Anaximander, Anaximenes and Heraclitus by John Marshall.
The Pre-Socratics by George Grote.
The Logic of the Pre-Socratic Philosophy by William Arthur Heidel.
The Eleatics: Xenophanes, Parmenides, Zeno and Melissus by John Marshall.
The Pre-Socratics by Benjamin Cocker.

Includes image gallery.

Obamacare and the Mainstream Media EXPOSED: A Betrayal of Democracy

by John McLaughlin

The author exposes an extensive and indisputable pattern of mainstream media journalism malpractice that’s breathtaking. It’s all exposed in the most powerful and credible way possible; by using the mainstream media’s own work and words against them.

Inside you’ll find a compilation of the best of the best, gold standard investigative news reports from the mainstream media exposing all of Obamacare’s weaknesses, specious promises and the backroom deals to make it all happen – before the law was passed. Bonus kudos to the mainstream media as they revealed an underlying motive of Obamacare from the beginning; to get there (single-payer healthcare) from here.

Does this sound contradictive, giving kudos to the media in a book that claims to expose the media like no other? Here’s the rub; astonishingly, the investigative reports cited throughout this book were almost always unwelcome and not picked up within its own community, i.e. the rest of the mainstream media! This overwhelmingly consistent trait resulted in a bottleneck of information on a scale that’s nothing short of staggering. To the contrary, the reader will find without exception, every single investigative report were picked by America’s bloggers and alternative news outlets in an attempt to do the mainstream media’s job.

Dubbed as “random acts of journalism” by national pundit Rush Limbaugh, here, hundreds of “random acts” i.e. gold standard reports, are picked up from across the mainstream media and set in an authentic sequence revealing what none of them have chose to do; report entire stories openly and truthfully to the public.

If you’ve relied on the likes of ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, newspapers, magazines or internet websites for information that affects you, your family and America; prepare to be shocked.

What others say…

“This is a book I’ve been hoping someone would write for years: An exposé, filled with actual article citations, revealing major signs of trouble that popped out regularly, but were only covered by the alternative media and blogs, with little or no mention by the MSM.

‘Obamacare and the Mainstream Media Exposed’, does a solid and systematic study of this bias.”

David A. Bailey
Co-author of Shock and Alarm: What it was really like at the U.S. Embassy in Iraq

~ ~ ~

“John McLaughlin’s excellent exposure of the sycophant mainstream media is a must read by all Americans. Every citizen would benefit from Mr. McLaughlin’s in-depth disclosure how major “news agencies” manipulated, purposely omitted, fabricated and spun past events to benefit the Obamacare legislation.” Mr. McLaughlin identifies the purposeful dumbing down of journalists and exposes their unwillingness to truly report and investigate for the benefit of all.”

Thomas Neviaser
Columnist, Culpeper Star-Exponent

~ ~ ~

“Very informative. Mr. McLaughlin filled this book with articles and quotes directly from the media and gives a great behind the scenes look at the coverage (or lack thereof) of a lot of big issues, the main one in this book being Obamacare. I have people asking me all the time, “Why isn’t the media reporting on this stuff?” Now I have some answers to give them.”

James S. – Afghan Vet

~ ~ ~

“Lays bare the hypocrisy of the MSM and the danger its failures pose to our democracy. After reading this impressive book, I realized my confusion over Obamacare had much more to do with the failure of the mainstream news media (MSM) to effectively cover the story than it did my distaste for the subject matter.

Mclaughlin effectively demonstrates that MSM reporting on Obamcare was deeply misleading by omission. Important stories that explored the downsides to Obamacare–stories that Americans had a right to hear, and that the MSM had an obligation to disseminate widely–were, inexplicably, ignored by the MSM.”

E. Wagner

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