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The Empowered Principal: The School Leader’s Alternative to Career Burnout

by Angela Kelly Robeck

You Can Have a Satisfying Career

Are you a school principal who is completely fed up with conflicting priorities and misalignment in our nation’s schools?

It’s no surprise you feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Every day, you deal with federal and state regulations, district policies, and parental pressures. The expectations on educators are higher than ever, tempting many principals to consider alternate livelihoods. How amazing would it feel to take control of your own career and make decisions from a place of empowerment and clarity?

In The Empowered Principal, Angela Kelly Robeck, a former school leader and teacher for 25 years, shares with you:

  • How to manage feelings of overwhelm and frustration
  • The reason we stay in the job even when we feel burned out
  • How to confidently stay or peacefully go – and which to choose
  • Why we are afraid to speak up as educators
  • How to work each day with joy and accomplishment

The Empowered Principal is like Martha Beck’s Finding Your Own North Star meets Ken Robinson’s Creative Schools. If you are ready to reform the way you live and work as an educational leader, this is a must-read!

Early Childhood Policies and Systems in Eight Countries: Findings from IEA’s Early Childhood Education Study

by Tony Bertram

This report provides an overview of policy strategies on early childhood education settings (from birth to primary schooling) in eight countries. Data were collected using a policy questionnaire addressed to and completed by the National Research Coordinator(s) (NRC) of Chile, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Poland, the Russian Federation and the United States. The countries that participated provide interesting illustrations of early childhood education policy in action in a range of diverse contexts. Analysis of the systemic and structural results of ECE policy at national and, where necessary, subnational levels, enables transnational comparisons in policy and systems. Key policy changes, both underway and planned, are documented. These data reveal key findings in each of the five policy areas as covered in the questionnaire and this report: public policy; delivery models and providers; participation and enrollment; quality assurance systems; and expectations for child outcomes. In particular, the study aims to provide meaningful information for countries, states and jurisdictions across the world in relation to early childhood education, mapping the systems, structures and user pathways in place, along with the perceptions of stakeholders about the system, its functioning and impact. This comprehensive assessment of the wider policy contexts and settings for early childhood education includes teacher/practitioner qualifications, pedagogy approaches, and opportunities for professional development. Such information will enable countries to review their early childhood education systems in an international context.

HiSET Math Workbook 2018 – 2019: The Most Comprehensive Review for the Math Section of the HiSET exam

by Reza Nazari

The Only Book You’ll Ever Need to ACE the HiSET Math Exam!

Effortless Math HISET Workbook provides students with the confidence and math skills they need to succeed on the HISET Math, providing a solid foundation of basic Math topics with abundant exercises for each topic. It is designed to address the needs of HiSET exam takers who must have a working knowledge of basic Math.

This comprehensive workbook with over 2,500 sample questions and 2 complete HiSET exams is all you need to fully prepare for the HiSET Math. It will help you learn everything you need to ace the math section of the HiSET.

Effortless Math unique study program provides you with an in-depth focus on the math portion of the exam, helping you master the math skills that students find the most troublesome.

This workbook contains most common sample questions that are most likely to appear in the mathematics section of the HiSET.

Inside the pages of this comprehensive Workbook, students can learn basic math operations in a structured manner with a complete study program to help them understand essential math skills. It also has many exciting features, including:

Dynamic design and easy-to-follow activities
A fun, interactive and concrete learning process
Targeted, skill-building practices
Fun exercises that build confidence
Math topics are grouped by category, so you can focus on the topics you struggle on
All solutions for the exercises are included, so you will always find the answers
2 Complete HiSET Math Practice exams that reflect the format and question types on HISET

Effortless Math HiSET Workbook is an incredibly useful tool for those who want to review all topics being covered on the HiSET exam. It efficiently and effectively reinforces learning outcomes through engaging questions and repeated practice, helping you to quickly master basic Math skills.

Get a copy today and see how fast you will prepare for the test with the HiSET Math Workbook!

Published By:

Effortless Math Education

My Alphabets For Toddlers (Age 0-3 years) Learning Letters From A to Z: Children’s Beginner ABC Flash Cards Book (ABC Learning Book 1)

by A.P. Braley

My Alphabets For Toddlers (Age 0-3 years) Learning Letters From A to Z

In this Book you will find the easy learning A to Z English help your child to learn the letters of the alphabet, with My Alphabet A-Z. This fun and adorable children’s book will teach all 26 letters of the English alphabet, including the sounds that each letter makes. With carefully chosen animals to represent the primary consonant and vowel sounds, you’ll be giving your child a head start for preschool or kindergarten or helping older students finally master the alphabet or help with phonics as they move forward with learning how to read.

The 26 animals represented in the book are the Apple, Bird, Car, Dinosaur, Elephant, Fish, Gift, House, Ice Cream, Jam, Key, Lemon, Mushroom, Notebook, Owl, Palm Tree, Queen, Rainbow, Sunshine, Trees, Umbrella, Violin, Watermelon, Xylophone, Yacht and Zebra. Each of these images use the primary sound of the letter your child is learning.

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