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Hygge Home: Keep Your Home Life Simple with Danish Living concepts

by Thomas Nielson

In this fast-paced world, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could slow down and enjoy a life with less stress, less pressure, and have more time for the things you love?

Then keep reading.

It seems like every day life gets busier, faster, more stressful. And when you come home from a hectic day at work, what’s waiting for you?

If you’re like most people, home is anything but relaxing! For too many of us, our homes aren’t places of comfort and peace but of clutter. Useless objects pile up, crowding us into ever-smaller corners of our living space and demanding more and more of our time just to keep up with the mess!

But your home doesn’t have to be a place of frustration. Bring peace of mind and simplicity to your home today with the Danish concept of hygge.

Through the simple, easy-to-follow lifestyle tips in Hygge it gives you the ability to de-clutter your life and make your home a cozy, happier place in no time without having to spend a bundle!

Instead of killing ourselves working more hours to afford more stuff for its own sake, hygge offers a lifestyle that is more focused on the happiness your objects bring to your living space.

In Hygge Home you’ll discover:

  • How to boost your family’s happiness with one simple Hygge tweak (pg. 24).
  • Step-by-step guide to make your living space more functional (pg. 9).
  • The simple value formula to keep or discard your household items (pg. 13).
  • Six simple questions to ask yourself to improve ease of access and peace of mind (pg. 23).
  • The essential connection between a hygge home and a more mindful existence (pg. 33).
  • A can’t-fail method for organizing your space today (pg. 36).
  • Inexpensive and straightforward ways to bring natural materials into your home (pg. 40).
  • Bringing peace into your home through decorating the hygge way (pg. 43).
  • Essential tips for introducing hygge into every room in your house instantly (pg. 47).
  • The six things you absolutely need to know to make your house a hygge home (pg. 51).

â?¦And much, much more!

Don’t let your material possessions own you, discover how you can quickly get rid of things that you thought you treasured but you can easily throw away and only keep the most important things in your life.

Turn your home into a place you can be proud of and have people asking you how you did it.

If you can take out the trash Hygge will be a walk in the park for you.

So don’t settle for an uncomfortable living space. Start making your home functional and beautiful by clicking “Add to Cart” now!


by Samantha Collier

Leah took a deep breath as she stared at herself in the mirror. Yes, she would do. There was still half an hour to kill before she walked into the bakery on Main Street, to start her new job as a bakery assistant.
She straightened her prayer kapps, and fiddled with her apron. She never thought that she would be doing this, in a million years. Her life had been so well mapped; this had not been on the agenda at all. Right now, she should be setting up her new home, newly married to Reuben Miller. She should be decorating her home and trying out new recipes.
But life hadn’t turned out the way that she had thought it would.
Rebecca works as a school teacher in her Amish community. It is a job she has wanted all of her life and she’s adored by children and parents alike. But when she helps out her brother who does something deemed criminal by the Amish community she risks being shunned if they find out.

Meanwhile, Richard left the Amish community years ago to serve in Afghanistan. He is forced to return long-term in order to take care of his mother. But crossing paths with the beautiful Rebecca makes him rethink his opinion of the Amish community.

The two seem to be an unlikely match but sparks fly nonetheless. Will they be able to overcome the odds against them and see that they are both the answer to the dreams of one another?

A young Amish woman struggles to find healing for her family ever since a fire ripped their community apart, leaving several people dead. Her husband blames her side of the family and has been given her the cold shoulder ever since. She begins to question his love for her as her family struggles to deal with the tragedy and loss. Will they be able to find peace and bring happiness back into their lives?
Rachel is a midwife with a broken heart. The man she loved left her Amish community years ago and she spends her days caring for the women of her faith. She has all but given up hope for marriage and children while aiding those who she feels are blessed enough to have those things. But when the man who had broken her heart returns to the community during Christmas season, she can’t help but feel a tinge of hope. He said he has changed and wants to repent. But is he sincere? And will Rachel risk her heart again?
Lovina has had a crush on David since they were ten years old. Now that they are adults, however, that love has only increased. But David would go on to the leave the Amish community, leaving Lovina devastated. A visitor from a neighboring Amish community has come to visit Lovina’s town and is immediately stricken by her beauty and kindness. But has her heart already been broken so badly that she cannot see the gift of love in front of her?

Susanna is deeply in love with Aaron. She notices the way he looks at her and is just waiting for him to make his move. But when she finds out that her best friend Rachel has eyes for him as well she finds herself in quandary.

Hope has taken it upon herself to help out the newly widowed Joshua and his family. He desperately needs a woman around the house and alternates between grieving and disappearing for long periods of time. When an on the job injury forces him to remain housebound, Hope finally has an opportunity to peel back the layers of his heart. But will he let her in?

Today’s Prophet (The Fivefold Office Series Book 5)

by Colette Toach

“If this is all about Today’s Prophet, then what happened to yesterday’s Prophet?” – Apostle Colette Toach
Since the time of John the Baptist, the prophetic movement was thrust into a new era. An outstanding transition took place in the Church as a whole. Jesus came, He died for us, resurrected and then He gave ascension gifts as a blessing to the Church universal, and that’s where things got interesting.
The New Testament prophet has something that we did not have in the Old Testament. Pay very close attention as Apostle Colette uncovers an amazing mystery, separating the Old Testament prophet from the New Testament prophet.
In this book, you will hear all about:
– The definition of the Old Testament prophet
– The functions of the New Testament prophet
– The profile of the Prophet in Office
– The difference between prophetic orientation and prophetic office
– The reason the Prophet is stripped of everything
– The battlefield after Prophetic office
Get ready for a revolution as Colette walks you through the evolvement of the prophet, shares with you their function in the Church today, and makes clear the responsibilities that they are called to accomplish on behalf of God’s people.

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