Free science fiction Kindle books for 07 Aug 18

Marked by Thor: A Rogue Knight Novel

by Ron Aänson

Leadership is the ability to persuade followers to die to secure the leader’s wealth and power.

Roger Martel rises from slavery to become an elite knight for the Carolingian Empire and along the way, loses faith in lairds and kings. In 816 AD, Charlemagne is two-years dead, and a disastrous expedition against the Danes shipwrecks Roger on the eastern coast of England. Pursued by a local laird for killing three of his war band knights, Roger searches west for his friend who was carried aloft by a mysterious man in a seemingly impossible device: a hot air balloon. After finding his friend, a threat from Viking invaders elevates Roger to leadership. He tells himself that he assumes command only to defend his friends, not to become a great laird. However, power, like wealth, is seductive. The more we have, the more we want.

Marked by Thor is a Rogue Knight alternate history set in ninth century England and France. Thor’s mark is a tree-root skin burn left by a lightning strike.

Mature themes and subject matter.

Jakkar’s Revenge: The Guardian Chronicles: Katrina 3

by J.T. Whitman

Jakkar has returned and has set a plan in motion that is going to ruin Katrina’s world. He is determined to kill everyone she cares about unless she joins him. Will everyone die or will Katrina finally find a way to stop Jakkar.

Girls Just Seem to get Kidnapped (The Elfin Voyagers Series Book 2)

by Richie Green

Hi, I’m Effie. That’s my photo on the cover. I’m introducing you to this book because I’m the one in serious trouble when it begins, kidnapped by a thorough-unpleasant human. It’s not all about me though, as you will see.

My friends and me could be described as â??vertically challenged’. Here on Earth I make just over four inches tall, in heels. And we’re beginning to discover that when you’re that size in this world, danger lurks around every corner. No sooner has my little problem been sorted, when something much bigger comes knocking. Or rather, someone. He doesn’t like us, not one bitâ?¦and he wasn’t born round here either!

Me being in trouble is one thingâ?¦I can handle that. But when the lives of Tom and Becca, our human friends, are put in serious dangerâ?¦then it’s a whole new ball game. So when you’re told to fly to the dark side of the moon and surrender to the last person in the universe you wanted to meetâ?¦well, that’s just what you do, isn’t it?

A Note from Richie – This book continues the story from Episode One, so for it to make total sense it might be worth reading that first!

There are six new books in the ELFIN VOYAGERS series, all being released over the next couple of months. This book, Episode Two, and Episode One, â??Somewhere to Call Home’, were published as a double-release and are both now available. Release dates for the other books are detailed on my website – Enjoy!

Rebellion an R. Blutarski mystery

by JD Pinkworth

R. Blutarski, Metro homicide detective finds himself involved in an incendiary and puzzling murder case where he is much too close to those involved. The world of Suri 9 is embroiled in change. People are changing themselves physically to combat cyclic droughts and ensure Suri 9 does not face the climate changing mistakes Earth made. Fanaticism rules the mood of the people causing unpredictable behavior from even those with good intentions. However, discomfort is where change takes place and it is R. Blutarski’s job to ensure fairness and justice reigns for all involved.

Rabid Run: Living in the Quarantine Zone (TZA: Rabid Run Book 1)

by Cheryce Clayton

Rabid Run 1, Living in the Quarantine Zone

“Three days on, four days off, then switch to four days on, three days off; it was a typical fire department schedule and not even the apocalypse could permanently scuttle it.”

Set in the TZA webcomic universe, Rabid Run is the continuing story of two County Fire Paramedics trying to do their job seven years after the zombie apocalypse.

In Paramedic slang, a rabbit run is a rescue call that leaves you staring down the long dark rabbit hole of depression and burn-out.

Revelations: The Inquisitor Chronicles – Book 2 | Science Fiction Space Opera War

by R. E. Graham

Corruption. Mystery. Giant WarMechs. Welcome to Revelations!

Inquisitor Damien Varius, a high ranking official of the Corre Republic must uncover a secret plot to cause civil war to break out across dozens of worlds. A mysterious person only known as “The Shadow Man” may be behind a number of events around the Corre Republic that could result in riots and civil war across dozens of worlds if he isn’t stopped. Will Varius succeed in preventing mass chaos, or will he begin to question everything he believed in as he learns the truth?

He joined the bureau after losing his wife and daughter from a deadly assassination attempt on his life. Inquisitors are assigned all of the tasks that local planetary forces can’t deal with. This can include breaking up powerful drug rings, investigating corrupt government leaders, or crushing pirate kingdoms.

To become an inquisitor is no easy task. You are trained in a wide variety of combat techniques, interrogation, an in-depth understanding of the Republic’s laws, and even how to pilot a three-story tall WarMech. After all that you then have to give up your previous life and take an oath to be completely dedicated to the Republic and the Prefect Major. You become an instrument of the state for the rest of your life.

Damien Varius is the shining example of what an inquisitor should strive to be. However, he is about to begin an investigation into a failed uprising on the planet Eden that will show him what is truly going on behind the curtain. The Inquisitor Chronicles is set roughly 20 years before the current timeline in the Revelations universe.

The Raid: an Eden short story

by Keary Taylor

Cities have become the most dangerous places on Earth, infested with thousands of Bane, and people must now survive in the mountains and wilderness. But ammunition and medicine are essential to survival and they don’t grow on trees. Eve, as an elite defender of Eden, must go on a raid with a small team into the city for supplies that will keep their people alive. But this dangerous world is evolving and the rules that once kept them safe are changing.

THE RAID is a 3,000 word short story in THE EDEN TRILOGY.

The Bane: Book One
The Human: Book Two
The Eve: Book Three
The Ashes: An Eden Prequel
The Raid: An Eden Short Story

Kill Your Amazon: A story of hacking, cybersecurity and our everyday life

by Mathieu d’Aquin

Frank is a designer. He likes things. Sure what he gets delivered might be a bit too much, but who’s problem is that? Certainly not his mother’s or the one of the weird girl downstairs, Alex. Alex is not only a weird girl. She is angry, she wants to take down what makes people become so passive. The two of them will form an unlikely alliance towards an even more unlikely goal: To turn off Amazon.

This short book is a story about hacking, control and power. It is about the fundamental need we have to exist, to build something and have an impact, whether we are lonely moaners, angry activists or futile collectors. It is also about how technology puts more and more weight on the balance on the side of the very large corporations and how it could make it tilt back at any point. In the age when cyber-security and cyber-warfare have become part of everyday life, it is a reflection on our dependency to technology that might lead to our doom. It tells us how we might want to make real things more central to our life.

Re/Genesis: An Aurora Rhapsody Short Story (Aurora Rhapsody Short Stories Book 5)

by G. S. Jennsen

In a future too distant to measure, a hyper-evolved breed of humans calling themselves Anadens rule multiple galaxies and alien species with an iron fist. But a small group of dissidents are willing to pursue any and all measures, no matter how extreme, to return freedom to the universe. Now one rebel Anaden will make the ultimate sacrifice in order to break the reigning Directorate’s stranglehold on civilization–however many times it takes.

Set just prior to the events of Relativity: Aurora Resonant Book One, Re/Genesis pulls back the veil on the universe of Amaranthe, where the fate of all living beings–human, alien and synthetic–will soon be decided.
Re/Genesis was initially published in Beyond the Stars: At Galaxy’s Edge:

2036 – The Final Resistance

by Leah McClellan

Everything has changed.
After widespread bombings, 16-year-old Kathryn Foster becomes an orphan, and she fantasizes about using her Power to stop the seeds of fascism before they take root. But when she’s assaulted a few years later, her Power fails. Pregnant, her options are illegal and dangerous, but with her friend Maheen’s help, she lovingly raises her daughter, Regina.

As conditions worsen, her buried rage emerges. And twelve years later, resisters organize an army of Power. Kathryn’s Power. Regina’s Power. Maheen’s Power. And the organizer is not only a well-known politician, he’s the last person Kathryn wants to see. But it’s America’s chance for freedom, and it’s kill or be killed. Can she trust him?

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