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Ruined by Lies: A Single Dad Small Town Romance

by Tracy Lorraine

Addison thought she’d left all the lies behind her.

The plan was beginning to fall into place. Addison’s been given an opportunity she could only dream of, and things between her and Blake have been pretty unbelievable. She had no idea she was missing out on so much with her ex. Everything seems too good to be true.

But is the arrival of an unwanted visitor is the beginning of her luck running out?

Ruined by Lies is the second installment in Tracy Lorraine’s steamy, Irish, single dad Ruined trilogy.

From the Ribs of Adam

by Reine Bautista Mercado

Why don’t women leave an abusive relationship as soon as the abuse had started?

Set in the Philippines, the only country in the world in which divorce is still not legal and the Catholic faith is strong, this Filipino best-selling novel delves into the intricacies of the battered woman syndrome and the complicated effects it has on the mentality of the victims.

A housewife who has suffered from the heavy hands of her husband must decide which course of action she will take to finally stop the abuse she is suffering from. Dare to enter her world and find out whether she will stay or will she go… or will she do something else entirely?

You can also check out the short story about the lawyer in the novel, Felicia Calayan: Defender of Women, and read it for FREE!

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