Free advice and self-help Kindle books for 08 Aug 18

Beast: Contemporary Paranormal Romance

by Piquette Fontaine

When Matthew Edwards embarks on a solo camping trip, his only wish is to forget all about his boring desk job and the terrible break-up with his ex that’s been haunting him for a year. But when he sees a mysterious she-wolf on the first day of his trip, he’s plunged into a world of dreams and spirits, where nothing is as it seems and it steams up quite nicely.

This eBook is not intended for under eighteen.

dots (Never Have I Ever Book 1)

by Angie M Brashears

The day they told me I was dying, was the day I started to live.
In Yoda terms: The cancer is strong in this one. I hid the worst of it from my family, and most of my friends, until now that is.
Once I dropped the â??C’ word, they never looked at me the same way again. Now, I see my expiration date in their eyes.
I understand, it’s a lot for them to process.
It’s justâ?¦what about all I have to process?
Love. Friendship. The sun shining on my face, the punchline of a really good joke. I’ll be leaving all that I cherish in this beautiful world behind.
I’m dying, not dead yet and I need someone to talk too.
Someone who isn’t emotionally involved-like him. Mason Dixon.
Never have I everâ?¦had an end friend.
I wanted one last adventure and got so much more.

Shield Academy Presents: The S.T.O.P. Series for adults (Skills and Tactics to Oppose Predators): Book 1: Defend Yourself Now!

by Rob Smith

Are you ready to be a target or a victim? Right, of course not! And honestly, no one intends to, but it does happen regardless. This book is not a Karate, Kung-Fu or MMA book, I’m going to provide you with some facts on why self-defense training is necessary. You’ll learn what many martial arts schools and gyms are not teaching their paying students and why it’s exposing them to significant danger. There is no experience required to learn and understand this book. You could be a college student, a working mom or perhaps a business executive, it doesn’t matter I challenge you to find the answers here. If you are willing to invest in protective measures, such as insurance or locks and alarms to protect your property, especially your valuables, then why shouldn’t you do the same for you or your family’s physical and psychological well-being. You’ve already taken some initiative by getting this book. After you read it, the question will be, what now? I can guarantee that you shouldn’t look at things the same way again! This book is an introductory part of a series that has valuable information and serves to introduce the need for self-defense and self-protection and the proper mindset about reality and violence in today’s world.

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