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Amish Shy

by Ellen Cornette

An anthology of Amish stories of love and life…Abe Miller is a shy Amish man who is pegged to be the new minister for the church. He feels he doesn’t have the verbal skills to do the job and is chosen simply because no one else would want it. He pines for a young woman in town who pays him no mind as he cannot bring himself to talk to her. But the day of reckoning finally comes and Abe is called to preach…seeing the woman of his dreams in the front pew…he finally opens his mouth and his heart speaks…

Don’t Tell Meg (Don’t Tell Meg Trilogy Book 1)

by Paul J. Teague

Two women. One night. So many deaths.

When radio journalist Pete Bailey betrays his wife Meg on his fortieth birthday, he has no idea of the terrible consequences that will follow his infidelity.

His passionate relationship with Meg is on the rocks and they’re having no luck starting a family.

It’s only when he meets TV reporter Ellie Turner on a working weekend away from home that Pete succumbs to her charms in a moment of weakness.

His treacherous actions set off a chain of events fueled by jealousy, revenge, violence and hatred.

Five people will lose their lives as a result of Pete’s deception and he will be compelled to confront the ugly truth about his wife and his best friend, Jem.

He thought that nobody would ever discover what he’d done with Ellie â?¦ but he didn’t know who was listening in the room next door.

Don’t Tell Meg is the first part of trilogy of thrillers.

Book 2, The Murder Place and Book 3, The Forgotten Children are also available.

Paul J. Teague has also written the standalone thriller Dead of Night (Released May 2017)

Please note that this book contains mild violence, bad language and sexual references.

Rebels and Realms: A Limited Edition Urban Fantasy Collection

by Heather Marie Adkins

Delve deep into enchanted realms and discover the marvelous creatures and passionate loves that await on the other side. Only the rebels will survive…

Unparalleled worlds await you inside this collection packed with magical, arcane, and nefarious stories from today’s New York Times, USA Today and award-winning authors!

Embark on adventure with rebel angels being hunted by witches, djinns striving to break the chains of slavery, and guardians and dragons navigating mythological underworlds when you download your copy of REBELS AND REALMS!

Grab a copy of this urban fantasy collection to escape into the adventure of your choosing today!

Including Stories From…

USA Today bestselling author Heather Marie Adkins
USA Today bestselling author RJ Blain
USA Today bestselling author J.A. Culican
USA Today bestselling author Christine Ashworth
Award-Winning author E.J. Stevens
USA Today bestselling author Heather Renee
Award-Winning author Rosemary A Johns
Amanda Booloodian
Beata Blitz
Chrishaun Keller-Hanna
Amir Lane
Caroline A. Gill
Christina Walker

Captured by the Vampire: A Paranormal Romance (Vampire Enforcement Agency Book 0)

by Kellie McAllen

When Zoë reveals proof of vampires to the world, has she sentenced the one she loves to death?

After years of being alone, Rowan is ready to end his immortal life. Weak from starvation and overcome by bloodlust, he attacks a human in public and is captured by police.

When Zoë discovers that the intriguing, new prisoner brought to the jail where she works is a dangerous vampire, she can’t resist revealing the evidence to the world. But as she gets to know him, she realizes he’s not the monster everyone thinks he is.

Rowan’s life finally has meaning again as more vampires come forward and he learns he’s not as alone as he thought. But his chances of release disappear when the world explodes at the discovery of vampires, and he knows he’ll die in prison.

There’s only one way Zoë can save the vampire she’s fallen in love with, but is she brave enough to give up everything for him?

This novella is the prequel to the Vampire Enforcement Agency series.

If you like sexy, thrilling paranormal romance/urban fantasy stories by authors like JR Ward, Bella Forrest, and IT Lucas, you’ll love Captured by the Vampire.

This PNR/UF series is appropriate for ages 18+.

Scroll up and grab your copy now!

Beautiful Burn: A Novel (The Maddox Brothers Book 4)

by Jamie McGuire

Beautiful Burn is a New York Times and USA Today Bestseller!

Fresh out of college, Ellison Edson has fallen through the cracks of rock bottom. While staying in her family’s vacation home in Colorado, her behavior has finally gained the attention of her parentsâ??but not in the way she hoped. Cut off from the millions she’s always taken for granted, and left alone to fend for herself, Ellie spirals further out of control, making a mistake she can’t take back.

Like his twin brother Taylor, Tyler Maddox is a member of the Alpine Hotshots, fighting wildland fires on the frontline. As arrogant as he is charming, Tyler’s nomadic lifestyle makes it easy to contain his relationships to one night. When he meets Ellie at a local party during off-season, her extreme personality and dismissive attitude fascinates him at first, but as his feelings deepen, Tyler realizes that the crippling inner demons of the woman he loves might be the strongest enemy any Maddox has ever faced.

Into the Fire (Hot Nights series Book 1)

by Amanda Usen

She’s cooking up a recipe for revenge…
Heir to the Calabrese restaurant empire, Jackson Calabrese can buy whatever he wants–except creativity. He can craft perfect paella, but if his new restaurant is going to take New York by storm, he’ll need help. And there’s only one chef with the culinary creativity to reinvent their menu: former rival–and lover–Lila Grant. The one woman with all the right ingredients to drive Jackson wild. And damned if he doesn’t want another taste.

During their time at the culinary academy, Lila brought the heat in the kitchen and between Jackson’s sheets. Seducing her back into his bed–and his kitchen–should be easy. But after the way things ended between them, Lila isn’t giving anything away for free. Jackson may have made her an offer she can’t refuse, but she wants revenge, and she’ll take it served hot…one delicious bite at a time.

Pay For Play ( Book 1)

by Victoria Ashley

*TWO CAN PLAY (ALPHACHAT.COM #2) IS NOW LIVE* – That’s all the info you need to get off in the privacy of your own home, car or hellâ?¦ even in a public fu*king library.

Whatever gets you wet.

I never expected a million-dollar business to come out of touching myself on camera, but when you add in nine of your best guys, the women become hungry and the money begins flowing faster than you can spend it.

You want to see me take my shirt off, I’ll strip it off nice and slow, making you sweat in anticipation.

You want to see me touch my di*k, I’ll stroke every hard inch of it, getting you off before you can even feel it creeping up on you.

Your money.

Your Alpha.

Your demand.

Now I just hope playing for her on camera will pay off enough for me to claim her outside of the computer screen.

Hot & Gay & Forbidden Books

by Chris Thrust

Submit to the Man of the House

A Murder Spells Trouble (The Kilorian Sisters: A Witches of Shadow Lake Mystery Book 1)

by K.J. Emrick

The Secrets in Shadow Lake Run Deep… Nobody but a chosen few know the real history of the town, or what lies beneath the still surface of the lake…

As members of the Kilorian Coven, Addie and her two sisters, Kiera and Willow, were born to the use of magic. Together the three are the sworn protectors of Shadow Lake, tasked with keeping evil at bay and the townsfolk safe.

When a dead body is found on Luna Moth Trail Addie is forced to get involed after a strange woman begs her for help.

The first officer on scene is the enigmatic Detective Lucian Knight who seems to be more than he appears. He reveals to her that the murder isn’t the only incident that has occured in town recently.

With the mysteries piling up, could there be something greater at work in Shadow Lake? Will Addie and her sisters be able to solve the murder and keep the town safe?

The Viscount’s Dilemma (Once Upon A Season Book 1)

by Lily Stanton

Twenty year old Josephine Cornwell has had enough. After being trapped at a finishing school for nearly eight years Josey becomes determined to explore life and have a coming out season before she ends up on the spinster shelf. Ignoring her parent’s insistence to remain at school for another year, she makes a desperate exhilarating move to stow away in a coach bound for London. Little does she know the cascade of trouble she is about to unleash.

James Kinard is a handsome eligible Viscount at the height of Ton society. After a visit to his sister’s school James is shocked to find a beautiful intruder hiding in his coach and is certain she has an agenda. Lovely as she is, James wants nothing more than to be safely rid of her. He soon finds out there is so much more at stake for him.

With a scandal unfolding, and sparks flying, James holds the future of Josey’s dreams and his honor in his hands. Will Josey and James survive all this, and each other?

Find out in this new page turning Clean Regency Romance Novella, Book 1 of Once Upon a Season Series. While some of the main characters appear in every story, each book is a standalone.

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