Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 08 Aug 18

Pot Pie’s Christmas

by Mike Marcon

Newly revised just for Christmas 2018 with beautiful illustrations by Northern Neck artist, Marianne Ashurst. You may also purchase the paperback personally autographed and dedicated for the child or grandchild of your choice when you visit Pot Pie’s Christmas was written by Marianne’s husband, Mike Marcon, whose books have also been published by Random House and Prentice-Hall. You may find his works currently in print here on Amazon.

Christmas is on the way!

Pot Pie, the mouse, looks forward to it every year.
He loves the old woman’s cooking and especially delights in sampling the fallen bits of her freshly baked pies and cakes.

But this year, as he anticipates the festive treats to come, his carelessness almost ends in disaster.

Not to worry! In this classic story, with illustrations by Marianne Ashurst and written by Mike Marcon, a Northern Neck of Virginia husband and wife creative team, Pot Pie’s Christmas is a seasonal classic just for the young-at-heart, where love, kindness and courage will prevail.

The Green Stone: Illustrated childrenâ??s book (7-12-year-old) (The adventures of Txano and Oscar)

by Julio Santos García

Series of illustrated children’s books 7 y.o. or older.

If you enjoy the first book, soon you can download the second one for FREE from the website of the series.
Over 120 pages of entertainment, adventures, and mystery with color illustrations.


Hello! My name is Txano and my twin brother is called Oscar.
Have you ever seen a meteorite crash to Earth? Well, we have!
While on an excursion, at the beginning of summer, a huge ball of fire flew across the sky in front of our eyes and crashed into the forest!
Yes, I know we should have run away in the opposite direction, but we didn’t and, instead, went searching for it.
And we found it. It was a strange green stone.
The mystery hiding behind its glow changed our lives forever.
Why don’t you come with us to discover it?

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