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My Dearest Hurricane: Love and Things that Looked like It

by Morgan Nikola-Wren

“To all the loves I’ve weathered on the way to where I am…and especially to the ones who keep checking to see if I’ve written about them.”

Morgan Nikola-Wren, author of “Magic with Skin On,” returns with her second poetry collection, an honest, amiable tribute to lovers turned strangers.

What do you think?: A collection of poems by Catherine Balavage

by Catherine Balavage

In her fourth book Catherine Balavage turns to poetry. A collection of poems that speak from the heart and tell the truth about the world. You will be left nodding your head in agreement and relating to these poems about love, loss and life.

Forward by Margaret Graham.

I’ve long thought Catherine Balavage is an extraordinarily accomplished young women: author, writer, editor and actor, mother, wife, and she can add poet to that roll of honour.

In What do you think? a collection of her poems written throughout her still young life, she connects with the vast majority of the human race, as she writes of the struggle to achieve a sense of who a person is, the efforts to release oneself from early angst and stand tall; finally achieving confidence potential and contentment.
In her introduction Catherine says that As an artist it sometimes feels like you are born without skin, yet spend your life rolling around on razor blades. Well, quite.

In What do you think? Catherine has written poems that could be songs – I could hear music. She has written poems beating time with the rhythm in her head, poems hauled up from experience, observation and unflinching, sensitive thought.

A triumph. 

НикомÑ? не показÑ?вай (Russian Edition)

by Ð?оÑ?манов Роман

СÑ?иÑ?и, написаннÑ?е за два или даже Ñ?еÑ?Ñ?Ñ?е дня

A veces te echo de menos: Primer Poemario (Spanish Edition)

by Thom Ramus

Gracias a mis editores por permitirme liberar todos estos sentimientos que empezaban a pudrirse dentro de mi. Había leído y oído hablar acerca del fenómeno liberador de la escritura, pero nunca pensé que fuese algo tan real y de efecto tan rápido. Después de vomitar uno siempre se encuentra mucho mejor. Gracias por leer mi libro. Espero que lo disfruten. Thom Ramus – @thomramus – [email protected]

EPICS: Cloud Included


‘Epics: Cloud Included’ is a bundled collection of S.E. McKenzie’s Epic Poems #1-#14.

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