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Alien Lords’ Captive (Celestial Mates Book 6)

by Marla Therron

It’s warm – too warm. Sure, whatever she was wrapped in was soft and sensuous on her skin, but it was too hot. Annoyed, Matrise opened her eyes.

For a moment, everything was bright. There were vague shapes and shadows, no definition until her eyes slowly adapted to the bright light of the room. When, at last, her vision cleared, Matrise was left suspended in a terrifyingly befuddled moment.
It took Matrise’s brain another minute to finally catch up with the clarity her eyes were experiencing. When it did, she realized that the red-dominated décor was enhanced by red curtains, turning the bright light of the day into a red glow.

Still too much redâ?¦someone really bought into the red equals luxury idea.

Too hot!

Matrise finally focused on the sheets – they were velvet. Not a slinky, supple silk or satin; no they were velvet.
Matrise shifted and struggled against the sheets where they had been tucked around her. Something was making it impossible to get loose – at least until it also shifted. Until, he shifted.

Definitely he! The man who shifted, finally releasing an edge of the swath of velvet causing Matrise to overheat while tethering her to the bed, looked as if he should be shooting calendar spreads or soft-core desktop wallpaper shots.

Suddenly, something moved on Matrise’s other side. Another man – and she was seeing double. The man on her left was the spitting image of the man on her right. Twins?

In that moment, Matrise realized that something was very wrong. This wasn’t one of her indecent fantasies as she recovered in a highly medicated state in a hospital.

No, Menage Trois had never been one of her fantasies. Men could get weird about the risks of coming in contact with one another. And twins who might not be squeamish that way: that was just too strange.

Adults Only!

Royal Protector: Battle Of Love (Celestial Mates Book 8)

by Marla Therron

Terrorised by a ruthless regime and defeated in a long and brutal war with the alpha warriors of Zodia, Earth must rebuild itself and begin a new era of peace. For sexy, curvy nurse Kayla, this is easier said than done.

Worn down by the fighting and facing an uncertain future, she fears she’ll never be happy again. That all changes though, after she meets the sexy and powerful Alien Prince Leos.

Feeling an instant attraction, the two get closer and Leos invites her to come to his world. Fearful at first, she finds herself bonding with the exotic alien planet of Zodia and falling for the sultry Leos big time.

Sensing that she might have found the happiness she longs for, she suddenly has to combat against the dark lusts of Leos’ sinister brother Geminus and confront the terrible secrets of her own past.

Can she find true love with Leos and move into a bright new future?

Adults Only!

The Tower House Prisoner (The Prometheus Saga Volume 2)

by Ken Pelham

Captain Farnham, given the unhappy task of bringing to heel a renegade English lord in a backwater of 17th century Ireland, frees a most peculiar prisoner and finds himself embroiled in the hysteria of the witch hunt. Can he uncover the truth of the tower house prisoner without being led himself to the hangman’s noose?

A short story in The Prometheus Saga 2.


Q – What is The Prometheus Saga?

A – In the Prometheus Saga 2, ten authors unite to interpret how an alien presence would interact with the human condition over a time period that spans from the dawn of man to the present. The stories cross genres and genders, allowing for entirely different narratives and insights on historical events and the human experience.

Q – Where should a reader start when selecting a short story to read in The Prometheus Saga?

A – Each story is self-contained and can be read in any order. The reader is free to select any of the stories at random to begin their experience. The book description will explain the premise for each particular story.

Q – What is this alien probe?

An alien civilization landed a probe on Earth at the dawn of mankind. This probe, a form of artificial intelligence, can morph into any human form, take on any human identity, either male or female. Its life spans hundreds of thousands of years. Its mission is to report everything it can about us to its home planet. What this humanoid observes and learns over centuries of human existence will be interpreted through each short story in the saga. The alien probe is as mythic as Prometheus, the Greek Titan who was said to have brought fire to mankind.

About the Author

KEN PELHAM Ken Pelham’s Out of Sight, Out of Mind: A Writer’s Guide to Mastering Viewpoint was named the Florida Writers Association’s 2015 Published Book of the Year. Ken’s debut novel, Brigands Key, won the 2009 Royal Palm Literary Award, was published in hardcover in 2012, in softcover in 2014, and in audiobook in 2015. The prequel, Place of Fear, a 2012 first-place winner of the Royal Palm, was released in 2013. His nonfiction book, His short story, “The Wreck of the Edinburgh Kate,” won 2nd-place in the Royal Palms.
In 2014, Ken co-founded the Alvarium Experiment, a groundbreaking writers’ consortium which has published four anthologies of speculative short stories, many of which have won awards.
Ken lives with his wife, Laura, in Maitland, Florida. He is a member of the International Thriller Writers and the Florida Writers Association.
Visit Ken at for more.

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