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New Orleans Highlights: The Old No. 77 Hotel & Chandlery

by Vita Zakhu

New Orleans is the place to be when visiting the South in the United States. This curated Microguide helps you plan the perfect getaway. Explore local gems for dining, drinks, art, culture and outdoor experiences in this spotlight on New Orleans.

Las rutas del cambio: Ha llegado el momento de que persigas tu sueño (Spanish Edition)

by L.M. CANO

En el vestíbulo central, me informaron de que debía bajar una planta para encontrar las consignas. Ya en el piso inferior, atravesando un amplio hall de suelo liso y reluciente, encontré la primera fila de taquillas. Avancé junto a ellas paseando mi mirada por los números consecutivos. Al llegar al compartimiento número 30 saqué mi llave y la introduje en la cerradura. Mientras la giraba cerré los ojos deseando con absurda ilusión encontrar algo muy especial: un símbolo, un amuleto, un tótem, una brújula para fijar mi rumbo y empezar por fin a avanzar…

Spain Travel Guide: Activities, Food, Drinks, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza, Malaga, Murcia, Palma de Mallorca, Las Palmas, Bilbao, Alicante, Cordoba, Granada, San Sebastian

by Todd Wright

Are you planning a trip to Spain?
Always been in love with everything Spanish?
Simply browsing and dreaming of a European holiday?

Then this book is for you!

This book will put your doubts of whether going to Spain is worth it. This magnificent country has so much to offer for holiday visitors in terms of activities, festivals, food, drinks, sightseeing, nature, beaches, entertainment, sports and more. Plan your holiday with this clever extensive Spain travel guide. Or, if you were unsure of where to go for your holiday – allow me to introduce you to Spain and convince you to visit this magical, beautiful country.

I am Todd Wright – adventurer, survivor, nomad, traveler and writer and I would like to present to you the beautiful Kingdom of Spain.
This book includes:

  • An introduction to Spainand quick facts
  • Typical costs, currency, and money matters and saving tips
  • Top things to see and do in Spain
  • Getting to Spain
  • Accommodation, food and drinks
  • Festivals and events
  • Culture and etiquette
  • Sport and outdoor activities in Spain
  • Travel essentials, health, safety, respect and more
  • Barcelona sights and experiences
  • Madrid sights and experiences
  • Valencia sights and experiences
  • Seville sights and experiences
  • Zaragoza sights and experiences
  • Malaga sights and experiences
  • Palma de Mallorca sights and experiences
  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria sights and experiences
  • Bilbao sights and experiences
  • Alicante sights and experiences
  • Cordoba sights and experiences
  • Granada sights and experiences
  • San Sebastian sights and experiences
  • Navarran Pyrenees sights and experiences
  • Costa Brava sights and experiences
  • And much more

Are you ready to learn about Spain? Ready to pack your bags and travel?

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Sober Reality : Cry Standing

by K.S. Fort

Balancing between settling into my dreams realistically and not losing hope altogether.

* Bonus Book , Dreamer : The Hopeful Romantic

Boston City Guide: Interactive City Search (Waterfront Series Book 145)

by R.G. Richardson

Boston City Guide – Interactive City Guide
Stop typing and start clicking on searches with over 2600 preset searches in the latest City Guides and Brochures from the author, R.G.Richardson.
No more typing, just pick and click with over 2600 preset searches for greater accuracy and ease. Stop using paper guides and start using our interactive city search guides and brochures that include Google and Yahoo that never out of date!
Use as white or yellow pages and use it even more often to keep up with what is going on and happening in your city! It also makes for a good gift or promotional item for somebody that has just moved to a new city.  Real Estate agents use it as a promotional tool and you use to check Real Estate listing, condos, or rental apartments available in the city.
Don’t have an eReader, no problems as you can get on from Amazon and use then you are all set up with Kindle. You can also download a PDF file to your desktop and you are all set up that way too.
Travel City Guides let you use the internet’s full power by eliminating errors with keywords. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo, Facebook, Twitter, Baidu, SlideShare, YouTube or Pinterest; click on the button and you are there; just pick and click the button, no typing. Fully mobile – it works on any device with an eBook reader and that has access to the Internet WiFi anywhere. Don’t think about typing, you are good to go with better results and fewer typos. Sit back in the coffee shop and search away on their WiFi! Our guides are organized into several targeted information Guides including hotels, restaurants, pubs, historical sites, transportation, attractions, real estate and events. Stay up to date with what is happening in your city!
Our interactive ebooks search the web and are organized into several targeted information Guides including Hotels, restaurants, transportation, maps, hostels, pubs, family attractions, historical sites and on it goes for a complete guide that tells you everything you need to know including how to pack!
New 2nd Editions rolling out on all guides as of June 1, 2018.
New Real Estate and Job Employment Series.

Costa de la Luz: CÁDIZ (100 immagini) (Italian Edition)


Ampia visita fotografica per la storica città di mare della punta meridionale d’Europa.
[100 immagini]

Kenya Travel Guide: Outdoor Adventures, National Parks, Mountains, Kenyan Coast, Local Food, Historical Sights, Where to Shop, Festival Calendar (also Nairobi and Mombasa)

by Kevin Hampton

Top 100 Kenya Travel Tips

Kenya is a world class country with world class things to see and do. It’s a country you can visit many times and still find something fun and interesting to do. We are going to look at 100 of the Best things to do when you visit Kenya. Be sure to check them out! This book was written by the author who traveled to Kenya and visited its most interesting, famous and beautiful places! This book will help you in planning a personal trip to Kenya. Ok, let’s get started!

The book contains the most popular Secrets and Advice from the Locals Experts:

  • Outdoor Adventures, National Parks, Lakes and Mountains
  • Vacation at the coast
  • Historical and Cultural Sights
  • Festivals Calendar
  • Eat & Drink. Cool Cafes and Restaurants
  • Explore Non-Touristy places
  • Where to Shop? Things to Buy for Souvenir

5 Reasons to Buy This Book

  • Simple Guide to Independent Travel
  • Trip Planning information
  • Best Sights information
  • Advice from the Locals Experts
  • Only necessary and useful information, without unnecessary words

Read for free on Kindle Unlimited!

Download and start Kenya Travel Today!

ENGLISH: PROVERBS FAST TRACK LEARNING FOR GERMAN SPEAKERS: The 100 most used English proverbs with 600 phrase examples. (German Edition)

by Sarah Retter

If you speak German, focus your English learning on the most frequently used English proverbs. Learn how to understand the meaning of the 100 English proverbs you need for everyday life.

Actually, to communicate you only need to understand the most used 100 English proverbs. These proverbs are the most frequently used and can be defined using an algorithm that provides the ranking. In this book you´ll find the list.

This book will provide you with the 100 English proverbs you have to use first to get around when traveling or interacting with English speaking people.

The phrases are presented in a very simple fashion. No complications. Straight and simple.

So, don’t waste your time and energy! Focus your effort on the most important English proverbs you have to understand to master English!

Download your copy and start focusing your energy today!

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