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Teen Fury: Unleashed

by Amanda Torrey

Adopted at birth, fifteen year old Felicia Murphy has no idea she’s the offspring of a Fury and a god of Mercy. The discovery will soon shatter her world…

Felicia’s reputation as stable and trustworthy means everything if she’s to win the grant for the troubled kids she mentors.

Snakes emerging from her head, massive mood swings, and a strong thirst for vengeance do not fit into her plans. She has no time to worry about her adoptive parent’s separation and the unwanted discovery that her biological parents are supernatural freaks. She can’t confide in her friends; who would believe her?

As her life spins out of control, she allows herself to be distracted by the two new guys who are suddenly showering her with attention, pulling her in different directions.

Felicia has choices to make. Embrace the Fury and risk everything, or find a way to tame the beast.

Seven More Days: Live a Life That’s Bursting with Positivity and Happiness … Before It’s Too Late

by Amy N. Dix

If you’ve ever wondered why some people are happier and more successful than others, you are going to love this book! It has EVERYTHING to do with how you can achieve anything that you want in life while living at the highest level of happiness!

A story told through true life events, SEVEN MORE DAYS reveals the essence of death so you can enjoy the eminence of life. From six simple words of woman on her deathbed, “I am not afraid to die”, comes a story that captures the true meaning of happiness and challenges the chaos in today’s worldâ?¦leaving you to question your past actions, yet changing them for the future. This book gives you processes you can implement in your life to mold it into exactly what you want while building your character, connections, and community.

SEVEN MORE DAYS creates a gripping experience of emotion, hope, and change within yourself. Through science, you will understand how the human brain processes information, experiences, and emotions. Once you understand the how, you can move forward with the greatest of ease towards a life that is bursting with positivity and happinessâ?¦before it’s too late!

Losing Hope

by Heidi Lis

For the last year and a half, you could sum up my life in one wordâ?¦ disastrous.

One simple phone call was all it took
to change my life forever.
If I could go back and do it again, what would I change?

What should have been one of the best days of my life turned into the absolute worst.
Cast in a shadow that turns my days dark, and my nights even darker.
Before I can put the pain of the past behind me, I need to fix what’s broken.

The first step is believing it can be done, the second is forgiveness.
But forgiveness doesn’t come easy, least of all for who is to blame.

For every choice, there are consequences.
Some good.
Some bad.
Some simply unforgivable.

One poor choice made me the target of a sociopath.
And once again, I’m reminded just how cruel life can be.
I’ve come to learn after every storm, the sun shines again
And, someone taught me life is only worth living if you smile.
It took almost losing him for me to understand.
What would I change?
Everything, but him!

Losing Hope is a phenomenal story of one girl’s survival and strength, proving that love sometimes comes at the most unexpected of times. A powerful, emotional roller coaster of a read that is both gripping and heart wrenching, but also heartwarming. An inspirational story that will stay with you long after you read it.

Losing Hope is recommended for readers 17+ due to mature content and themes.

Sprinkled with Love (Tangled Charms Book 1)

by Jennifer Faye

What does one do with a matchmaking cat named Romeo?

Spirited and beautiful, Jillian Parker is one of Marietta’s newest business owners. Still, her mother worries about Jillian’s bare ring finger. So in order to give her mother something else to fuss over, Jillian adopts a cat named Romeo. He turns out to be anything but a docile lap cat.

One snowy night, Romeo makes a break for it. With Jillian right on his heels, they have a near miss with a passing pickup driven by Avery Wainwright, one of Jillian’s closest friends. A rodeo accident has the sexy cowboy returning home to recuperate, and he’s not happy about it.

So when Avery finds himself lassoed into the Bachelor Bake-Off, he turns to the one person who has always helped him outâ??Jillian. But will teaching him to take chances outside of the show ring have them both discovering that their feelings for each other run much deeper than they ever imagined?

Patient Heal Thyself

by Jordan Rubin

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Founder (Magic Means Book 1)

by Damon Rain

After the death of his father, Scott discovers that he is part of a legacy of magic, power and community. To understand this new world he needs the right master, so he sets his sights on the star of Occult Heavy Metal – Laura Light. A journey that leads him to answers about his ancestry, the hidden heart of an embattled city, and his future begins. He and Old Town will never be the same once he discovers where he came from, and beholds the bright future he could have if he gives up his life as a touring musician.

As Scott pursues his destiny, two people who will become an important part of his journey have begun their battle. Inez is a librarian in the Tate Library and a warrior for their Dark Enclave and has to steal Chuck’s most prized possessions. Chuck, a Man of Doors who can travel across reality with a knock is taken in by her charm, and a desperate chase to reclaim the most important thing he’s ever owned begins.

The Magic Means Series is a passion project for Damon Rain, a veteran writer who has penned over thirty novels under different names. Years in the making, this book is only the first in a playful, sometimes emotional and jarring story about the Van Veld Book Store; a place where the unexpected is the order of the day.

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