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Just a Some Book: First Part

by Victor Wayne

Just a some book.
First Part
Easy reading book.
This book about success in pictures and quotes.
You’ll know rules of outstanding people.
With these little keys you will able to open any doors and to find secret how use in your favor all failures and difficulties.
Book is useful for all people, who is going to his goal.
The book will inspire you to new achievements, or give an answer to any question.
Enjoy your reading!

Cinderella: An Original Play

by Carolyn Stevens

Life is good for an English girl growing up in an Italian port with her prosperous family. But when disaster strikes down her parents and their fortune, Ella is left as a servant in her stepmother’s house.
Now, Ella must learn to hope even in the darkest days, never suspecting that the young Duke is yearning to find the kind girl he saw in his childhood.
A magical wish will show Ella she is never truly alone, and that love can come when you least expect it.
Includes fencing, dancing, and multiple opportunities for European accents in a cast of 30 – 46 characters.

Lord of the Swings: An Original Play

by Chelsea Nelson

When a backyard imagination game turns sour, three factions of neighborhood kids face off in an escalating adventure of intrigue, betrayal, and magic. And a brother and sister learn what it means to value each other.
This original comedy play is for a mixed cast of 26-30 characters. Runtime: 90 minutes. Contact the author at for performance rights.

KYOTO RED KYOUTO RED (Japanese Edition)

by phototez

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Fashion: The Ultimate Guide – Glorious & Unique Style Ideas For Every Day

by Julia Collins

The Essential Guide To Fashion

“Get Ready … Collins’ Second Book Gives the People the Essential Strategies To Become a Fashionista.”â??Daily Look

“You Owe Yourself a Visit To Collins’ Apex Fashion School, Where Members Range From Newbies To World Famous Models To Just About Everything In Between.”â??The Texas Courant

This comprehensive, illustrated book draws upon Julia’s years of Fashion experience, including over 12 years with Apex Fashion, her very own fashion school.

You Will Learn New & Stylish Ideas About How To:

  • Put a Label On Your Style
  • Work With Colors

Dress Up According To Your Body Type

  • The Hourglass
  • The Rectangle
  • The Circle or Apple-shape
  • The Triangle or Pear-shape

Dress Up According To the Occasion

  • Casual Attire
  • Casual Friday
  • Resort Casual
  • Business Casual
  • Formal Wear
  • Semi-formal Wear
  • Formal Business

Wardrobe Essentials

  • Accessories
  • Bags

And much, much more!

Includes Free Bonus Book: Cure Tension Headaches Fast: How To Treat and Prevent Tension Headaches For Life

Don’t Miss Out, Get Your Copy Now!

Savage’s Promise: If You Tell The Truth, Things Will Get Better (Truth Stories Book 1)

by Susy Ashcroft

This Book inspires hope for all, is wonderfully illustrated and is a true story of the power of truth, prayer, spiritual awakening and love in our lives. Professional therapist, pastors, teachers, parents, children, young adults and anyone interested in communicating the power of truth will benefit from the reading, retelling and the showing of this story. The story takes us through a brief period in the life of a young Paiute girl “SAVAGE,” as she was called by her kin and her journey from despair to spiritual redemption. Each illustration is a beautifully drawn and hand painted watercolor by the author/artist Susy Ashcroft an accomplished Native American artist from New Mexico. The paintings are remarkable and are standalone works of art. The story is set in the late sixties and illustrates the Navajo reservation life, clothing and jewelry of the time.
One day after knowing her for nearly a decade, Susy came to me and asked, â??If I wanted to see her book?’ From a position of being civil â??I said yes.’ What I saw was a collection of over forty water colored drawings depicting the Southwestern United States, scenes from the life of the young “Savage,” and typed written loose leafed pages. Through art and prose she tells the story of a Paiute girl and the abuse she suffered at the hands of her own kin.
When pushed to her limits the girl remembers, “The Promise,” of her grandmother, her former care taker, “If you Tell the Truth, Things Will Get Better,” and the story of redemption and hope begins to unfold when she decides to do this very thing.
The power of truth in our communication can change our lives and the world we live in and this book provides a beautiful tool to teach this. The power of prayer takes center stage as the Savage sets out to change her world in the tradition of her grandmother. She clings to her pets as her sometimes only friends and protects them from the dysfunction of her family.
You will get excited about this book. The emotional triggers, the words and images bring forth thoughts and feelings which are real and will have you eager to keep reading and sharing this story.
Some will buy this book without thinking much. Some may stumble upon this book randomly but however this book gets into your hands you will be affected.
So instead of glancing at this description with potential, take this book and look at it. Buying Savage’s Promise will be a decision you will be pleased you made. Your copy of this book will lead to your description and showing of it to others.
I never gave much attention to Amazon Books as a means to legitimately publish. I just wanted to submit this work to publishers and get a deal, but I soon realized this was far too impersonal of an approach for this work and it deserved more. I have provided hours of my own time getting this work ready for the world because I had firsthand experience of its power. This is an original work not copied and pasted from the conclusions of others but deep and heart felt in its entirety.
You will realize this is no mediocre offering by the author/artist. I hope this description will aid in book sales, but more importantly will help get this book in the hands of those who will benefit the most by being exposed to it. This book may never become a #1 best seller, but it will become #1 in the hearts of those who turn its pages. I doubt that either could have ever happened without Susy having the courage to finally release it to the world.
She held this book for decades as her own sacred reminder of her spiritual well spring and its source to draw from in the darkest moments of her life and a guiding light of inspiration born of her ancestors and given birth now for all to share.
Ultimately this book is about the connection author and reader will make not just with each other but with the many they will touch through the sharing of this work. This book is alive and will speak to you and prove itself.

Musical Haptics (Springer Series on Touch and Haptic Systems)

by Stefano Papetti

This open access book offers an original interdisciplinary overview of the role of haptic feedback in musical interaction. Divided into two parts, part I examines the tactile aspects of music performance and perception, discussing how they affect user experience and performance in terms of usability, functionality and perceived quality of musical instruments. Part II presents engineering, computational, and design approaches and guidelines that have been applied to render and exploit haptic feedback in digital musical interfaces. Musical Haptics introduces an emerging field that brings together engineering, human-computer interaction, applied psychology, musical aesthetics, and music performance. The latter, defined as the complex system of sensory-motor interactions between musicians and their instruments, presents a well-defined framework in which to study basic psychophysical, perceptual, and biomechanical aspects of touch, all of which will inform the design of haptic musical interfaces. Tactile and proprioceptive cues enable embodied interaction and inform sophisticated control strategies that allow skilled musicians to achieve high performance and expressivity. The use of haptic feedback in digital musical interfaces is expected to enhance user experience and performance, improve accessibility for disabled persons, and provide an effective means for musical tuition and guidance.

Fashion Design Sketchbook: Easily create your fashion styles with figure templates (Fashion Designer Book 6)

by Lance Derrick

Are you trying to create your fashion sketches efficiently?

The figure templates allow you to sketch your designs right away and without worrying about drawing models.

54 female figure model (2 poses) templates included.

This sketch book is perfect for

  • Fashion Designer
  • Fashion illustrator
  • Artist
  • Students learning fashion drawing
  • People who want to create their unique design

Now is the best time to get your copy and start to create your own design.

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