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In The Name of Progress: An alternative economic model for the world.

by George Feneberg

This novel contains a possible adjustment to fractional reserve banking and other structural modifications that society should consider to achieve maximum benefit from our ever-on-going forward progression. It seems naive to believe our societal structures have reached maximum potential.

The concept first came to me in early 2012. I wrote this book as discovery writing in 2018 to develop my concept, and in return, I was left with an economic model for society, that I call a needs-based money supply system. I have written largely from self-study, and am in no way an expert in some of the subject matter, but I do have formal education in accounting and finance. Also, minor formal education in philosophy and history.

Many will likely and reasonably be concerned with hyperinflation when they hear of such a needs-based money supply model, but I have included safeguards and contingency plans for inflation. This model could not have been conceptualized before the advent of information networks and information systems, so I have them to thank.

I also speak about the education model that we have in place. Something I have become well familiar with in my six+ years of post-secondary education. I praise education but offer some suggestions that likely will yield significant results from natural evolution.

The ideas in the book have not been done and would set a new precedent around the world if ever implemented. Being organized as a business plan with precise adjustments, this book attempts to offer practical steps to the unification of the human race by trying to reach the root of human conflict. Separation is a detriment to progress, but our current societal structures largely incentivize divide.

We are so fascinated by engineering’s mechanical gadgets, that we neglect to focus on social technologies and paradigms that are established, when, in fact, these social technologies are likely to provide beneficial improvements in every aspect of our society including science and mechanized technology.

Needs-Based Dollar Model Objectives
– Eventual zero tax.
– Fully implements automation.
– Stabilizes the housing markets so problems like 2008 never occur.
– Eases structural implementation of self-driving cars.
– Rids the world of poverty.
– Lowers crime.
– No political party model for higher representation.
– End wars but not military.
– Does not redistribute wealth.
– Involves equal opportunity, not equal outcome.

Additional Note to reader:

This book contains some of the insights from my thirty-three years alive, which I believe influenced the development of the needs-based money supply system contained in this book. Every chapter builds on the next and should be read as such but does not have to be. However, to understand the needs-based money supply system model, only chapters 4-7 must be read. This is not a pitchfork plan for violent revolution. Instead, it is meant as a peaceful diplomatic revolution which provides benefits to everyone while preserving capitalism. My needs-based dollar model attempts to maintain much of current structures including a central bank, as these structures have been well built and deserve gratitude, but no one should suffer in a world where we print fiat currency.

7 Minute Procrastination (2018-2019 Book Guide): Double Your Productivity by Practicing the Main Keys to Getting Things Doneâ?¦Even if Youâ??re Naturally Lazy

by Gian Perez

Give me 7 minutes everyday and allow me to change your life and your results forever!

Look, I know how you feel. You’ve been wondering for so long why you keep delaying the things that you know you should be doing. You know that you should “take action” but you’re having a hard time dealing with all your “daily tasks.”

What if I told you, that there’s a simple step by step guide to eliminating procrastination forever?
Well this is what this book is all about. Inside this step by step training guide, you’ll discover:

– Why you only need as little as 7 minutes per day to defeat procrastination.

– Why your goals are the foundation of your success and how to set them the right way.

– Why and How to find your “Big Idea” (this is the foundation of your success)

– The Jim Rohn quote that changed my life forever… even though it is a cliche

– Why and How to plan for the long-term… this will save your life!

You’ll also learn…

– How to find your motivation when there is none to be found!

– The most dangerous word in the procrastinator’s dictionary… and why you should delete it!

– The right way to create a schedule… so you’ll know exactly what you should for the day and weeks to come.

– Why contingencies will literally save you hundreds of hours every month of unproductive work.

– The story of 2 friends that changed my life forever…hint: It’s about being punctual and how this affects your pschie

– How to use guilt to your advantage 🙂

And in addition, you’ll discover:

– How regret stops your decision making thus making you vulnerable to not taking action.

– The top 2 distractions for everyone nowadays… and how to effectively use them to your advantage instead.

– How to track your progress so you’ll know when to continue and when to rest.

You don’t need to study lots of courses, seminars or hundreds of pages of books to eliminate laziness and procrastination.
If you’re serious in achieving success and being the best you the you can be, then scroll up and download your copy today!

The Zen of Blogging: Make money with your blog, fire your boss and live the good life (Blogging for a Living Book 1)

by Daniel Welsch

From dead-broke English teacher to pro blogger and digital nomad – this is not your typical how to book.
Daniel Welsch was living in an illegal sublet in Madrid when he started blogging.
A few years later, he was making more money with his blog than with his day job. Now a best-selling author in Spain and Latin America, he decided to fire his boss and live his dreams. With no job, no schedule and total freedom to travel and enjoy life, he’s finally sharing the secrets of successful blogging with the world.
With advice about setting up a blog, SEO, social media, email marketing, good writing habits, how to monetize your blog, writing with style and more: this book’s got all the fun, the grit, the heartbreak and the adventure behind the blogger’s lifestyle.
You too can be a successful blogger.
And listenâ?¦
You don’t need tech knowledge, you don’t need a lot of money to start up, and you don’t need a huge Instagram following. All you need is a willingness to work – and to kill your excuses.
Daniel Welsch writes blogs which now receive more than a million visits a month. In 2009 he read “The 4-Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss and there was no going back. Several of his educational books have been #1 in Spain and Mexico - this is his first book in English.

Innovative Solutions to the College Debt Problem

by David Bernstein

The current generation of students is finishing college with more debt than any other generation. More elderly Americans are entering retirement with outstanding student loans. These trends are accelerating.

Excessive student debt reduces the ability of borrowers to save, prepare for retirement, and purchase a house. Increased student debt burdens are adversely impacting family formation, quality of life, and opportunity in our society.

Proposals offered by the Trump Administration would worsen this situation. Recent administrative actions have already weakened consumer protections for many student borrowers.

Solutions offered by Secretary Clinton in her 2016 campaign were highly unrealistic, expensive, and burdensome to state governments and universities.

The paper offers 12 practical policy proposals designed to reduce student debt burdens. The proposals utilize 4 policy levers – (I) additional targeted financial assistance, (2) debt relief, (3) improvements in information about college outcomes and costs, and (4) policies to improve on-time graduation rates. Several of the proposed policies offered here are notably different from current programs and policies under active consideration.

Copywriting: How to Write Copy That Sells and Working Anywhere With Your Own Freelance Copywriting Business

by Phil Sweet

How to Write Copy That Sells and Working Anywhere With Your Own Freelance Copywriting Business!

From this book you will find how to

  • Write the best killer copy for the most profitable marketplaces, online and offline.
  • How to choose your target market and why. Do this right, and your chance to make it big will increase 1000%
  • How to structure your content headlines based on your target market
  • Communication skills that will make you stand out
  • How to write headlines that draw people in and get them moving down the rest of the page
  • What copywriting is and what you need to know to do it effectively
  • How to use Call to Action most powerful words
  • Structure and write compelling sales copy

Learn and take your skills to the next level in an easy to follow system

  • You will learn to write killer copy for the most profitable marketplaces
  • Not only you will become an expert copywriter, but you will also learn how to use automation to market yourself

Do you want to boost your sales, improve your service’s productivity, cut costs, save time, track your prospect clients, and grow your business at lightning speed? Then, check this out, you will be happy you did!

This book is helpful to marketers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and anyone with interests to be aware of what exactly is copywriting and how to excel in this line of work. Users of the professional guidelines for copywriting can get the most excellent support to write a copy to sell products or services online for profits.

This Book covers

  • The Basic of copywriting
  • How to write effective copy
  • The best qualities of a copywriter
  • How to get started in copywriting
  • How to build a powerful copywriting message that sells
  • The power of words and their hidden secrets
  • Correct copywriting for search engine optimization
  • Secrets of effective headlines that sell
  • How to use social proof in your copywriting and marketing
  • Successful copywriting necessities
  • Knowing the correct length of a sales letter

One should persuade your visitors to take further actions to make a purchase from you rather than from your competitor’s. If the principles of persuasion, action, desire, and motivation are applied in your copywriting, one can be sure that it will bring positive results.

Read on to learn how to write killer sales copy!

The Get Rich Scheme: The Secrets to Making Fast Real Estate Cash in Any Economy

by Simon George

Do you see the real estate investors around you making tons of money and want to get a piece of the pie? Are you ready to start making moves in real estate but think you lack the money and expertise to succeed? Wait no longer! When Simon George started his real estate investment business he wasn’t a high powered business executive with endless resources, he was a 20 something musician looking for a career that would allow him the time and freedom to continue doing what he loved. With the help of his partners, Simon has now grown his real estate wholesaling business to include rehabs, new builds, and a portfolio of income properties, all before the age of 30!
The Get Rich Scheme: The Secretes to Making Fast Real Estate Cash in Any Economy is a no frills instruction manual on how to go from a beginner with little to no money in your pocket, to an expert real estate investor whose building wealth and living a life truly worth living.
Inside you’ll be given the secrets of how to:
-Find and analyze steeply discounted properties to help you and your partners build the wealth you desire
-Structure your deals so you can make money with little to no risk or cash out of pocket
-Develop systems that guarantee your long term success and allow you to operate in multiple cities and states
-Much, much, more!
Do you want to build a 6 or 7 figure income working for yourself on your own time? Do you want a career that offers the freedom of time and finances to all you to live a life truly worth living? Then real estate investment is the business for you and The Get Rich Scheme: The Secretes to Making Fast Real Estate Cash in Any Economy is the book. Simon built his business from the ground up and so can you! So why wait another minute? Get started today!

10 Traits of The Worldâ??s Most Successful Entrepreneurs

by Ray Smith

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Instead of worrying about fitting-in; take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs following their passion succeed far more often than entrepreneurs who are in it for the money, but in this short read you’ll learn exactly what the best of the best have in common.

Instagram Quick Cash: Two Instagram Marketing Internet Business Models for Newbie Business Owners â?? Tshirt and Other Product Marketing

by Johny Beltran

Start Earning Income Outside Your Day Job Through These Part-Time Business Ideas

Learn to create your own new source of income and pay most of your bills through your new internet business.


Here’s a preview of what you’ll uncover:

Shopify Marketing
– How to look for products that will sell online
– The best price range to target for beginners
– Why your product choice should have this “one” quality in it
– How to create a shopify website from start to finish
– A list of keywords that you should input in the moderation page of your Facebook store’s page
– How to set up the settings of your store
– How to write a product listing that converts into actual sales
– How to run your first Facebook ad
– How to evaluate the results of your campaigns
– When to expand and when to stop your Facebook ads

Supplement Millionaire
– how to get started with the supplement business with a bootstrap budget
– the exact process on how to make money in the supplement business from start to finish
– how to target a market that is already making a lot of money
– how to set up your campaign for maximum profits

You can choose to take action today and get this book bundle or you can choose not to do anything. Either way, the results that you will get in life are all based on your current decisions. It’s up to you to choose what’s best for you.

If you choose to learn and do something today, then this book bundle is for you. Just scroll up to download your copy now.

How To Start A Business With Book Adventure: Book Adventure

by Hemal Gandhi

Book adventure for Money Machine

Being helpful is the best thing. You can help others with your experience.

We all may have passed with different life learning lessons. You may have reacted in some way. Not necessary that every time you may have got success.

After few failures, with some struggles, you may have found the way. You may have come to know that what works and what not.

Teaching is showing the right pathway. You can show the most appropriate path through your struggles.

You need to show the most suitable and practical path. You need to help others the journey towards the same goal.

You can make whole book full of processes, roadmaps, experience and Situations. You can share anything about it.

So this way, according to their situation people can understand what not to do and what to do to achieve goals with less efforts.

These sort of books are rarely available, hence having great importance. You can sell it easily. People love to buy such unique books.

You never know so many people might be waiting for such books. Hence feel free to share such contents.

Share your success journey. Show the path. In a great designed format publish it in the Amazon Kindle at affordable price.

Here step by step, I show you how to convert your book adventure in great money machine in a very simple way…

Let’s start…

Reselling Arbitrage (Buy and Sell 2018-2019): Making a Living Buying and Selling Items Online via eBay Dropshipping, China Importing and Service Arbitrage

by Chauncey Stephens

Attention: New Entrepreneurs Looking for Their First $1,000 Per Month Online Business

Over 135+ pages of action-packed information that you can immediately apply as soon as you finished reading it.

Learn how to make money without leaving your house:

What you’ll get in this massive 3 business book bundle:

– How to start an ecommerce business without inventory and shipping required on your part
– How to find the best products to sell online
– The 5 point criteria to follow to find the absolute best product to sell via fb ads
– How to create your website from start to finish
– 2 examples of real-life products you can sell and the rationale behind why I chose them
– How to set up your product’s listing page
– How to run your first Facebook ads for onyl $5-$10 per day

– A 3 step process that will help you go from newbie to a full-time product importer
– How to find the best products to import
– How to confirm the product market size and easily know if it’ll make money or not
– How to find a supplier with the best quality products
– How to evaluate the suppliers and avoid scam forever
– How to negotiate the minimum order quantity and the price of your chosen product
– How to write a sales letter for your products
– How to create listing that converts into sales

– Where to sell your services… hint: It’s not Fiverr
– How to find the best services to sell
– How to confirm if there’s a market for the service you want to sell
– How to create your own product listing… just copy what I’ll tell you!
– How to do the upselling so you’ll make 5x more money for your services
– Why copying product listing is the best way to start your own gig!
– Some examples of EXTRA GIGS to copy
– How to get traffic to your listing… for free (or for a cheap as possible)

You only really have two choices.

You can “trial and error” your way to a profitable business or you can copy what I’ll teach you and achieve success faster.

Scroll Up & Grab Your Copy Today!

¿Cómo hacer dropshipping?: El arte de vender sin tener stock (Spanish Edition)

by M.C. Segu

Poder ganar dinero desde casa está muy bien, pero a la hora de montar un negocio online hay que tener en cuenta los pros y los contras. Antes de lanzarte de lleno a emprender debes conocer los riesgos y el esfuerzo que implica tener una tienda online de dropshipping . En este libro te cuento tanto lo bueno como lo malo, para que decidas si de verdad es el tipo de negocio más adecuado para ti. Prepárate a conocer las ventajas del dropshipping, los riesgos del dropshipping, su fiscalidad y más cuestiones interesantes.

PATI Trading Assistant User’s Guide

by David Hanna

User’s Guide for the features, installation, and configuration of the PATI Trading Assistant, an Expert Advisor (EA) that provides assistance and automation to Forex traders using the Price Action Traders Institute (PATI) criteria and methodology on the MetaTrader4 platform.

Unleashing Your Creativity: Turbocharge Your Self-Confidence By Tapping Your Hidden Creative Genius

by Anne Beaulieu

This book is designed to assist you in turbocharging your self-confidence by tapping into your hidden creative genius. I will share with you five (5) client case studies and twenty-two (22) coaching tips. This is an interactive book that will facilitate your inner exploration for personal transformation, so take your time, do the exercises, and feel free to reach out to me for further assistance.

On this happy note, welcome to Walking Inside Resources, The Emotionally Intelligent Way .

Your Emotional Intelligence coach,

The EU and China in African Authoritarian Regimes: Domestic Politics and Governance Reforms (Governance and Limited Statehood)

by Christine Hackenesch

This open access book analyses the domestic politics of African dominant party regimes, most notably African governments’ survival strategies, to explain their variance of opinions and responses towards the reforming policies of the EU. The author discredits the widespread assumption that the growing presence of China in Africa has made the EU’s task of supporting governance reforms difficult, positing that the EU’s good governance strategies resonate better with the survival strategies of governments in some dominant party regimes more so than others, regardless of Chinese involvement. Hackenesch studies three African nations – Angola, Ethiopia and Rwanda – which all began engaging with the EU on governance reforms in the early 2000s. She argues that other factors generally identified in the literature, such as the EU good governance strategies or economic dependence of the target country on the EU, have set additional incentives for African governments to not engage on governance reforms.

The Inspiring Talk – 05: Theme: Frustration will Never be the Solution

by Sanjive Kumar Sharma

“The Inspiring Talk” – a concept about practice of inspiring thoughts in the ocean of mind and preparing a confident mindset as the way of life. Based on premise that a continuous practice of confident thoughts, is way to lead by confident elevation in thinking and performance, “The Inspiring Talk” is an approach of painting thoughts with the colours of inspiration and brush it bright by restless pulse of motivation.

The winner of mind is the winner on ground and hence the practice of confidence in thoughts is pre-readiness, to demonstrate excellence in action and flag the victory on the ground. Therefore “The Inspiring Talk” is exploring a fresh thought on how to build an approach of continuous and consistent practice of confident thoughts, so as to move elevated with inspiring cloud of thoughts forever on the journey of life.

When the darkness of de-motivation is climbing on the surface of mind, inspiring thoughts would be needed, and when cloud of depression is crowding the sky of thoughts, motivated mindset will be needed. In continuation with series “Krishmatic Confidence” and “N-Light Book”, presenting herewith another innovative concept for those connected with the world of inspiration and for all those who aim nurturing and exploring fresh concepts to build confidence and boost inspiration.

A fresh thought on this track, to direct the wave of thinking and guide the flow of thoughts by observing and engaging toward inspiring thought, while withdrawing from de-motivating ones. See this an approach to connect the dots of inspiration in the world of mind and see this an approach of strengthening the army of positive thoughts in the kingdom of mind.

Inspired from stanza 08.08 from Bhagavad Gita, “The Inspiring Talk” collects precious pearls of thinking, knowledge and action.

Volume 05 “Frustration will Never be the Solution” is an approach of building firmness & wisdom in our thought process and calibrate confidence in thoughts a new high.

4 Steps To Building Your Brand: A Proven Plan For Business Success

by Christoph Dyer

The value of branding for business success is no secret, as it allows a venture to set itself apart from the competition. What’s lesser known is how to go about it, so that the quality and superiority of the product or service shines through the brand image. â??4 Steps To Building Your Brand’ is a concise and easy to follow guide meant for every serious entrepreneur and start-up owner, giving them tested strategies to acquire an edge over competition.

Well-being, Sustainability and Social Development: The Netherlands 1850â??2050

by Harry Lintsen

This open access book examines more than two centuries of societal development using novel historical and statistical approaches. It applies the well-being monitor developed by Statistics Netherlands that has been endorsed by a significant part of the international, statistical community.

It features The Netherlands as a case study, which is an especially interesting example; although it was one of the world’s richest countries around 1850, extreme poverty and inequality were significant problems of well-being at the time. Monitors of 1850, 1910, 1970 and 2015 depict the changes in three dimensions of well-being: the quality of life ‘here and now’, ‘later’ and ‘elsewhere’. The analysis of two centuries shows the solutions to the extreme poverty problem and the appearance of new sustainability problems, especially in domestic and foreign ecological systems.

The study also reveals the importance of natural capital: soil, air, water and subsoil resources, showing their relation with the social structure of the â??here and now´. Treatment and trade of natural resources also impacted on the quality of life â??later’ and â??elsewhere.’ Further, the book illustrates the role of natural capital by dividing the capital into three types of raw materials and concomitant material flows: bio-raw materials, mineral and fossil subsoil resources.

Additionally, the analysis of the institutional context identifies the key roles of social groups in well-being development. The book ends with an assessment of the solutions and barriers offered by the historical anchoring of the well-being and sustainability issues. This unique analysis of well-being and sustainability and its institutional analysis appeals to historians, statisticians and policy makers.

Autonomous Control for a Reliable Internet of Services: Methods, Models, Approaches, Techniques, Algorithms, and Tools (Computer Communication Networks and Telecommunications)

by Ivan Ganchev

This open access book was prepared as a Final Publication of the COST Action IC1304 “Autonomous Control for a Reliable Internet of Services (ACROSS)”. The book contains 14 chapters and constitutes a show-case of the main outcome of the Action in line with its scientific goals. It will serve as a valuable reference for undergraduate and post-graduate students, educators, faculty members, researchers, engineers, and research strategists working in this field.

The explosive growth of the Internet has fundamentally changed the global society. The emergence of concepts like SOA, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, NaaS, and Cloud Computing in general has catalyzed the migration from the information-oriented Internet into an Internet of Services (IoS). This has opened up virtually unbounded possibilities for the creation of new and innovative services that facilitate business processes and improve the quality of life. However, this also calls for new approaches to ensuring the quality and reliability of these services. The objective of this book is, by applying a systematic approach, to assess the state-of-the-art and consolidate the main research results achieved in this area.

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