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by John Burke

It is 1569 and passions have never run higher in the age-old battle between the English and the Scots.

Rebellion is brewing in the North against Protestant Queen Elizabeth as Catholic Mary Queen of Scots is being held captive in England.

In line with custom, a Day of Truce is declared by Sir John Forster, Warden of the Middle March of England and his Scottish counterpart Sir Walter Ker in an effort to bring peace. They propose that two members of two prominent families who had been raiding and feuding for generations unite in marriage.

Thomas Charlton of England is to wed Isabelle Armstrong, of Scotland. Surprisingly, their fathers welcome the match. But maybe the two feuding headsmen smell trouble in the new entente between the Queen of England and the Regent of Scotland.

It may herald measures against them which would make their unending cycle of squabbles look puny indeed. If they are both to be harassed from their own capital cities, better they should stand together than be divided.

But the old feuds cannot easily be suppressed. Lascivious landowner Sir Patrick Laidlaw – who-not-so-secretly lusts after Isabelle – deliberately sparks a fight between the families. Thomas is killed and his father gravely wounded. Isabelle is seized by his outraged family, to be held as a hostage.

The cunning Sir John plays another card to prevent more violence – and protect his own position. He suggests a twelve-month breathing space, by way of a â??handfast’ or trial marriage between Thomas’ brother Randal and Isabelle Armstrong â?¦

John Burke’s elegant Handfast tells an epic tale, set in the Border country between Scotland and England at the time of the Reivers. Woven into the turbulent saga are real historical events and characters.

It is a fascinating insight into the history of the time. It puts rich detail on a story everyone has briefly met. And there are battles aplenty – battles between rival countries, battles between rival families and, unsurprisingly, that primeval battle between the sexes. It is brilliantly true to life.

Praise for John Burke

â??Extremely readable’ – Sunday Times

â??A double surprise ending … very enjoyable’ – Eastern Daily Press

â??Polished, professional and highly inventive’ – Irish Times

â??Fearsome’ – The Guardian

John Burke, born in Sussex in 1922, worked under at least ten names, and in the 1950s was prominent as a writer of science fiction, before turning increasingly to detective novels and thrillers, which he continued to write until his death in 2011. Incredibly versatile, in the late 1970s he also wrote Victorian Gothic romances with his wife Jean beneath the pseudonym â??Harriet Esmond’. Endeavour Media are currently republishing these novels under his own name. Burke specialised in the novelisation of a film. These books include versions of classics like Look Back in Anger, The Entertainer and pop hits like A Hard Day’s Night before he turned to TV spinoffs such as Dad’s Army and books about The Bill. His prolific output also features books on the history of England, its counties and its music, supernatural stories and novels; and the television series Tales of Unease.

Hell on Wheels: An Action Packed Urban Fantasy Thriller (Brimstone Cycle Book 1)

by Robert McKinney

Talk about one hell of a ride …

Robin is an arms smuggler with a bit of magic under her belt. When her secretary asks for a tank, she sets out to steal one and get paid. But how on earth can she get away clean when a jungle army patrol, band of rebels, and literal demons from hell all stand in her way?

Find out in Hell on Wheels – a thrilling prelude to the thrilling Brimstone Hustle urban fantasy series!

Faithfully Shattered (Shattered Series Book 1)

by Nicole Minuck

My aunt says when we lose the ones we love it’s like time stands still for a while.
I feel like I’m stuck with no hope for escape.
I wish I had been taken with them so I wasn’t left with thisâ?¦. emptiness.

I was ready to join them, to let my life fade into the darkness.
Until he pulled me back.
He brought me back to life in ways I’d never lived before.
New friends.
New experiences.
But not everything is as it seems.

When their worlds collide can he save her again?
Or will those who seek to destroy her win this time?

Siren’s Tide (The Sea King’s Daughters Book 1)

by Philippa Ballantine

Ianthe Liakos is a mermaid from a different dimension and between that and now working as a PI in the corrupt climate of Washington DC, she’d thought she’d seen it all.

But when a terrified mother begs her to look into the health of her son, working as an intern in the District, she realizes that a mother’s intuition is right. Evan Saymore is being hunted by a monster, and there isn’t much time to save him.

The waters turn even murkier when Clayton Abernathy, a mysterious supernatural being, crosses paths with her. Together they must hunt down Evan’s hunter, while she tries to keep her own identity safe. If the paranormal citizens of Washington DC found out that a mermaid has returned her, and her sister’s lives would be in danger.
And when it becomes clear that the murderer and Ianthe’s mermaid past are inexplicably intertwined, she realizes she may just be out of her depth dealing with this killer.


Six remarkable female writers, bring you a new shared universe urban fantasy series of novellas. Their Sea King’s Daughters will carry the reader into uncharted waters where monsters and dangers lie.

Volume One: Beginnings (The Swiftbrush Anthology Series Book 1)

by Thomas Hutchinson

The Island of Swiftbrush is the worst kept secret of the British Isles; everyone knows that it is the best place to go for a holiday.
But is that everything this island so far North has to offer?

All the locals seem to accept the little idiosyncrasies of the island with not much fuss but then are they people who truly know everything that this island has to offer?
Human nature means that most of the islanders don’t think too much about the groups of elderly ladies in black robes, the mysterious military vehicles and why the mayor inherited the job rather than being elected.

Journey into the bizarre world of Swiftbrush, the small island which seems to be bigger on the inside and where almost anything seems to be possible as long as you have the potential. Just be wary of the dark omens pointing to the end of Swiftbrush’s peaceful existence; at least there aren’t any dragons…Yet.

The Sacking of Gildebrand Manor: The Korrigan Chronicles Episode One

by Tom Hansen

“My name is Korrigan, and I’m the last Dwarf on Earth.”

After five-hundred years of drunken depressive debauchery, Korrigan finds himself a slave to a goblin clan, but his monotonous life may take a turn for the worse when the goblins learn that the vampire coven seemingly abandoned Gildebrand Manor. Seeking revenge for wrongdoings of the past, the goblins decide to ransack the manor, but only Korrigan knows the true horrors the manor holds.

The Korrigan Chronicles are a series of episodic serialized short stories that explore the life of Korrigan, the last dwarf on earth. Set in the same world as The End Gate series, readers may find a lot of tie-ins as this intrepid dwarf makes his way through the world, and learns more about his true calling.

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