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Lady Justice And The Vigilante

by Robert Thornhill

A vigilante is stalking the streets of Kansas City administering his own brand of justice when the justice system fails.
Criminals are being executed right under the noses of the police department.
In Lady Justice And The Vigilante, a new recruit to the City Retiree Action Patrol steps up to help Walt and Ox bring to an end his reign of terror.
But not everyone wants the vigilante stopped. His bold reprisals against the criminal element of Kansas City have inspired the average citizen to take up arms and defend themselves.
As the body count mounts, public opinion is split — is it justice or is it murder?
A moral dilemma that will leave you laughing and weeping.

THE BLACK ALBUM: A Hollywood Horror Story

by Carlton Kenneth Holder

“Five members who could not be tamed, sold their souls for fortune and fame, formed their spell circle in Satan’s name, in the pit of Hell they burn by flame.”


The story about the making of a movie about an urban legend, that is in turn becoming an urban legend.

A film believed to be cursed.

The scariest movie you’ll never see.

This is the dark adventure of guerrilla filmmaker J.D. Loveless and his starlet Charlotte Rae, two people plagued by disturbing occurrences while making a micro-budget horror movie in the Arrowhead mountains based on the local urban legend of Mathaluh, a small town seventies rock band believed to have released a bootleg record laced with backwards Satanic lyrics. It was rumored that the bandmates had sacrificed a young runaway girl to cement their pact with the Devil, all so they could achieve fortune and fame. But before that could happen, all the band members died in a mysterious blaze. Instead of fame, they got infamy. Legend has it, if you found a copy of this lost record and played it backwards, you would resurrect the damned soul of Jeremy Jared, lead singer of Mathaluh, whose voice they say resonates throughout the bowels of the burning kingdom itself. Jeremy Jared, the front man eternal. The demon Jeremy. An entity glimpsed only in shadows, mirrors, fog, or nightmares. But once you resurrect him, there’s Hell to pay.

Join this midnight ride, a ride that includes:

A film crew determined to make a monster movie at any cost, who just didn’t know what they were getting into.

“Strawberry Lodge,” the terrifyingly scary mansion used as the main location for the movie.

Death threats and bizarre happenstances.

Feral teenagers immersed in Satanic cults who use the backwoods for their sex and rock fueled Black Masses.

Discover the truth behind the making of a movie that nobody wants to see released, including the controversial underground filmmaker himself.

Was it all in their heads? Were Satanic forces truly at work? You decide.

With foreword and prologue by occult and conspiracy rock shock reporter Beauregard Freidkin, a journalist self-described as equal parts Fox Mulder and Hunter S. Thompson. Written by former investigative journalist and screenwriter Carlton Kenneth Holder, author and creator of the upcoming Cold War science fiction book series “Spook: Confessions of a Psychic Spy.”

Set Me Free (Serenity’s Standalones Book 3)

by Serenity Woods

By the bestselling author of the Three Wise Men Box Set (USA Today bestsellers list November 2016) – a series of individual sexy contemporary romances. Read in any order and enjoy!

Book 3: Set Me Free

Winner of the Harlequin Blaze Aviator Challenge

Previously published by Escape Publishing as Summer Fling.

A love story that starts at the top of the world.

For Chloe, a tandem skydive seems like the perfect opportunity to prove to her ex that she’s not as boring as he declared. But planning to jump and actually jumping are very different things. Luckily, there’s a gorgeous instructor who is happy to come up with an ingenious way to distract her.

After escaping captivity in Afghanistan, Garth Rowland spends most of his time outdoors, trying to forget the terrifying memory of being imprisoned and tortured. Then he meets Chloe, who embodies freedom with her sky-blue eyes and hair the colour of the summer sun.

A one-night stand on the beach quickly leads to a summer fling. But they both have ghosts to exorcise before love can set them free.

Book 1: Kiss & Make Up
Book 2: One Hot Winter’s Night
Book 3: Set Me Free
Book 4: Remember Me
Book 5: Mr. Insatiable

A Breath She Took : A Story About a Woman Confronting Her Dark Secrets and Meeting Her New Self

by Ilan Amit

A shocking announcement prompts Inbal to just get up and run out of the house

Inbal is an attractive independent woman, a biology researcher who hides the fact that her father disappeared under strange circumstances when she was only ten. He left her, her mother, and her sister struggling in a home turned upside-down. When one morning Inbal’s husband suddenly announces he wants to separate, reality strikes, the walls that she has built around herself all her life begin to crumble, and she runs out of the house and through the city.

But where does she go, and what mysteries does she unravel along the way?

The pointless run gradually becomes a strange voyage toward her past, confronting life-changing secrets, as she tries to unveil the mystery of her father’s disappearance so long ago. This is the story of the tense, strange, and sometimes funny relationship that she has with her sister and mother, both past and present. This is a story about losing one’s old self and finding a stronger, clearer new one.

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The Pretend Husband: Romance In the City, Book 1

by Declan Rhodes

“We could pretend I’m your husband.”

Alex only needed a place to crash for two or at the most three weeks while he licked his wounds from the end of a bad relationship and found a full-time job to get back on his feet. Liam was more than generous offering room and board in exchange for regular dog walking and home maintenance.

It all seemed so simple until Alex’s stay stretched into a month, six weeks, and more. Faced with the skeptical eyes of friends, and complete strangers’ unsolicited compliments about being the perfect couple, Liam and Alex concoct a scheme to present themselves to the world as husband and husband.

It works perfectly until they lose control of their plan. Alex finds out about a quality job, and it looks like it’s time to leave. Will the pretend marriage turn into a pretend divorce or something much more real?

Alex finally finds a quality full-time job and decides that it’s time to leave. The moving van is loaded, the new job is only days away, and then a late-night encounter throws all of the future plans up in the air. Will the pretend husband become something much more real?

The Pretend Husband is the first book in the Romance In the City series. It is a romance centered around a fake relationship theme. The novel contains steamy scenes, no cliffhangers, and a happily-ever-after ending.

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