Free humour Kindle books for 09 Aug 18

COMMUNISM AND SOCIALISM: UTOPIAN LIVING FOR ALL: A Detailed Analysis of How Socialist/Communistic Systems Benefit Humankind and Why Capitalism should be Disbanded

by Ameera Kahhn

A deeply detailed book of advice for all those seeking the Utopian Life offered by the systems of Communism and Socialism. Never before has such a comprehensive, knowledgeable, and verifiable set of facts about the benefits of these systems been offered to the American public. For those seeking answers to an alternative government and a more balanced and fair way of life in America, these pages filled with exhaustive research clearly explain the miraculous benefits for all people under the auspices of a Socialist/Communist way of life. At last, after several decades of unrelenting investigation, the innumerable reasons for this one and only way of government is finally exposed in this timely narrative. This book is dedicated to all who believe that Capitalism is “dead” and, who believe that the Great Truths of Socialism and Communism hold the key to a new, glorious beginning for America.

Candy Rush Saga AMAZING Strategy Guide!

by Game Books

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Candy Crush saga. Become the best at it!

The Profile: Introducing the Swipe Right Series

by Sandee Westmoreland

After many years of marriage, Miranda has found herself divorced and thrown back into the dating worldâ??a place she hasn’t visited since her teen years. Once she sped through the many single male brothers, cousins, friends, neighbors, co-workers and acquaintances her friends introduce her to, Miranda faces what seems to be her only option to meet men: internet dating sites. In spite of helpful intervention from her friend, Faith, Miranda approaches the process like she does everything in life: methodical and well-researched, but with a touch of humor.
Join Miranda as she takes the first step on rocky road of clicking and ticking to dating prospects. Will she finally “Swipe Right” and find true love?
Like her character, Sandee Westmoreland found herself divorced after 26 years of marriage. While these tales may or may not be autobiographical, single women of all ages will find themselves able to relate to the laughter that can be found in World Wide Web search for love.

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