Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 09 Aug 18

A Very Special Cat

by Cory Q Tan

Do Luminous Cats exist? It is said that only very special children are able to find them. A little boy went in search of the fabled animal despite the discouragement of his family. Will he succeed? Or will he be able to find something even more precious than the mythical creature?

Let’s Learn Colors: A Bright Introduction to Rainbow Colors Using Familiar Objects That Toddlers Love

by Tara Hill

Ready to introduce your baby to rainbow colors? If you’re looking for a sweet, short, simple picture book to introduce your baby to rainbow colors or teach your toddler colors, your little one will love this colorful picture book. Let’s Learn Colors is a bright, colorful, engaging book that is short enough to hold your baby or toddler’s attention span, but is also engaging for preschoolers who love bright colors. Babies, toddlers, and even preschoolers will love pointing out brightly colored pictures of the every day objects they recognize and love — from bright yellow bananas to glorious green trees, to shiny blue cars. Let’s Learn Colors is a rainbow of fun for your little one!

Learn Healthy Fruits In Both English and Spanish: Kindergarten Ready – Bilingual Edition

by Elijah Powell

Give your child the tools to success. Learn Healthy fruits in both, English and Spanish. Have your little one become Kindergarten Ready with a Bilingual edge.

Marvin Teaches Bentley to Sign

by Jo-Elyn Hand

This is an illustrated children’s book dealing with hearing loss and sign language.

Diana Finds Her Smile (Bimi and Bentley Book 7)

by Jo-Elyn Hand

This is an illustrated children’s book dealing with cerebral palsy with a Christian Witness.

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