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Happiness Project: Your Life Guide For Beginners

by Mark G. Moore

Are you the unhappy type? Always getting sad and angry at yourself? I want you to know that happiness is totally up to you, it comes from within. To create your own happiness, it’s your full responsibility then if the world contributes, it’s a bonus. When you are happy, you have a meaningful life, you make your actions, your choices, and your moments count.
Mark G.Moore , the author, describes in this book how staying happy can be the only key or way to breaking out when one is stuck in this life that is full of stress and work. He focuses on finding true happiness in our day to day activities. How happiness can make you the fulfil being you have always wanted to be. If you must know, life is the waves in the ocean of being. Sometimes, that ocean is calm and other times there are storms brewing. No matter what life brings remember it’s your life and you deserve to be happy.
This book further discusses “Happiness” as a line of life that must be followed. Its expresses the basic principles of happiness and how you can attain true happiness that will flow from within. Also, it teaches how to stay happy no matter the challenges you are facing.
Getting this book will definitely change your life. It is the real and the best guide book on how to be happy and stay happy. Don’t miss out, you merit true happiness.
Your happiness is your full responsibility!!!

INTERMITTENT FASTING FOR WEIGHT LOSS: A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO 16:8: Keto Dieting 101 For Women & Men Fat Burning, Belly Fat, Maintenance

by Robert Paxton

What if following low calorie diets is the reason you can’t get results??
Imagine a style of eating where you didn’t have to count calories or use apps to track macros!

Being overweight my entire childhood, all of my teenage years, and the better part of my 20’s led me to try some outrageous diet and exercise strategies, but after years of struggling I finally managed to lose 110 lb (50 kg)!
Now, as a personal trainer I help people like you do the same every day!

This book will include the very method I used to lose 110 lb (50 kg) so you can do the same!
This book will cover:

– A Complete 30 Day Guide

– The Best Exercise For Fat Burning

– The Third MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR to burn fat Outside of Diet and Exercise You Were Never Told

– The Number One Fact You Didn’t Know About Low Calorie Diets

– And Much, Much More!

Have you ever wondered what your heart rate should be during exercise to burn fat?
Receive a FREE copy of “PERSONAL TRAINER HACKS” with every download.
This book will teach you:

– How personal trainers find their clients target heart rate for burning fat

– How you can do the same without a personal trainer

– A 30 day cardio program for fat burning and fitness

Download these two great books and learn how to destroy your plateaus once and for all!

INTERMITTENT FASTING FOR WEIGHT LOSS: Preview – Chapter 4 Why Low Calorie Diets Don’t Work
Have you ever tried lowering your calories to lose weight? Did it work long term? Could you keep the weight you lost off? If you’re reading this book, my guess is that it didn’t, and you’re not alone. Data from the UK show 1 in 124 obese women get results using this method, meaning the nutrition guidelines some professionals are following have a 99.5% fail rate. A quick goggle of what happened to the contestants on the hit TV series “The Biggest Loser” should be enough to put you off this method. This show is a classic example of why moving more and eating less only works in the short term, if at all. There is a reason there are few reunion shows. So why are low calorie diets flawed?
A study on 14 contestants on the biggest loser show revealed some alarming results six years after filming had finished. The initial results were impressive but as the study showed, they were short lived. Below are results of some of the factors tested.
– Average weight before filming: 328 lb/ 148 kg

– Average weight after 30 weeks on the show: 199 lb/ 90 kg

– Average weight six years after final: 290 lb/131 kg

As you can see, contestants lost a massive amount of weight during filming, but struggled to maintain the weight loss over a long period of time.

Download Now To find out why the contestants couldn’t keep the weight off and how to prevent it happening to you

The Self-Reflection Journal for Adults

by Jamie Sellers

This book is suitable for those aged 13 to adult. This self-reflection journal contains over 100 thought provoking writing prompts to help you explore your mind and become more connected and grounded with yourself.

Make time for yourself a few times a week with a cup or coffee or other beverage and find a quiet space to choose a topic or two to reflect and write.

By taking time for yourself you will grow as a person and reflect on what is most important in your life and shape your future.

It is never too late to start reflecting on your life and I congratulate you on taking this important step to putting yourself first in your life!

***In Kindle Format you’ll have the writing prompts but have to write in your own journal.****

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