Free poetry Kindle books for 09 Aug 18

Doing Shots

by Charles Weeden

I started with a simple thought

which grew complex and Byzantine;

Now I return ere to this thought

that seems explain most everything.

Poet Charles Weeden lets his playful side show in this new collection of Daoist koans. These short statements may provide the reader a shot of tequila with that aftertaste of lime.

Weeden’s work centers on word play and the juxtaposition of simple sentences with complex themes. His poetry forces you to stop and consider.
No answers, no description and less emotion. Poems like “Simple Thought” explore the importance of simplicity and curiosity in an overly complex and material world. This emphasis on inner thought and and being incorporates the Daoist ideals and the interplay of opposites. No light without darkness – no known without the unknown. Concepts to be played upon as a child on a Bongo board.

Weeden combines science, Daoism and simplicity as 3 complementary taste sensations for the reader.

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