Free science Kindle books for 09 Aug 18

On Water (Big Ideas)

by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

When taking a drink is as easy as turning a tap, it is easy to forget that our water supply is fragile and that hundreds of millions of people do not have clean drinking water or proper sanitation. The human impact on our land, the oceans and the climate is endangering our future. In a world accustomed to instant gratification and immediate consumption, we need more than ever long-term thinking and action to safeguard our natural resources. Award-winning French photographer and environmentalist Yann Arthus-Bertrand reminds us that water is precious and that we need a new approach to protect the planet’s vital elements. This is the first essay in the Big Ideas series created by the European Investment Bank. The EIB has invited international thought leaders to write about the most important issues of the day. These essays are a reminder that we need new thinking to protect the environment, promote equality and improve people’s lives around the globe.

Birth Story Brave: A Guide for Reflecting on Your Childbirth Experience

by Emily Souder

Bringing a child into the world, by any means, is seriously life changing! But we often don’t (or can’t) stop to reflect on what the experience meant to us and how it impacted us. Recounting the details of the birth to friends and family is only part of that! Birth Story Brave is a space for mamas to reflect safely, without judgment, on the huge transition they experienced using sensitive questions to guide their journaling. I’ll walk with you, mamas. Ready to look inside?

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