Free war Kindle books for 09 Aug 18

The Gates to the Galaxies: A Story of Space and Time Travel

by J. Dalton

Commander Sheeva Glatt may have used up one of her nine lives saving her spaceship “The Wrath of God”, a battleship of the Deek Empire, from certain destruction. Space pirates had lain in wait, ready to attack when her ship, exited the Gate. Now, as her former ship lies crippled in space-dock awaiting repairs, her services have been requested from Captain Charles Chen, the strict human Captain of the Intergalactic Space Alliance Ship (ISAS) Zanzee. The Zanzee is the biggest and newest battle carrier of the Alliance’s fleet. It will be Commander Glatts job to be the ships new Tactical officer. Will she be up to the task, or was it just a stroke of luck that she saved her former ship. Her actions, or lack of them, could impact the lives of millions, not only on her home world, but for the very existence of humanity itself.

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