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Tattooing: The Life and Times of Crazy Philadelphia Eddie, My Vida Loca; Vol. 1

by Eddie Funk

In the summer of 1952, Mr. Eddie Funk was fifteen-years-old and about to begin his life as a young man. Drawn to the excitement of Coney Island, fascinated with the art of tattooing, and intrigued with the lifestyles of the Coney Island tattooers, he knew his place was among these veteran tattoo artists. With his affable personality, his ability to tattoo, his fists, a hammer, and a gaff hook, he quickly established his place in the tattoo industry and was dubbed Crazy Eddie. During his travels from New York to Denmark to Chicago to Hawaii, he always demonstrated why he earned this moniker. After reading this first volume of Eddie’s unique, reckless, and good natured approach to life and tattooing, you will agree that Crazy Eddie is fucking crazy! It is almost certain that you will also view him as a likable and generous man who inherited a rich, cultural practice from the founding fathers of American tattooing. The stories in this first volume chronicle the life and times of a young tattoo artist who will eventually become one of the godfathers of American tattooing.


by M. W.



by Alex Hardwill

In this club different people gathered: informal elements, prostitutes, hooligans. In short, the best place to find adventures on your ass, where you rest between blowjob in the dark far corner and rude conversations in the center of the hall. In addition, all this under a loud techno, striptease and contests. So, I one came to the club (all friends were engaged in family affairs, and the same divorced as I, my friend Oleg – was ill at home). I took a place at the bar, took rum and cola from the talkative barman Lusik (I do not know why, but everyone called him that) and began to look at the dancing girls on the dance floor. In addition, I saw her: in black leather shorts, black mesh stockings on an elastic band, in a white blouse and on high heels

D & C Days: My Abortion Experiences as a Teen Undergoing the Procedure

by Seneca Calabasas

Some call their college era “salad days” — yet this writer delves into her “D & C days” with less aplomb and a boat-load of Holy Spirit-haunting honesty.

Enter the raw and real college days of Seneca Calabasas, as the author takes an unflinchingly honest look at her wanton past in this powerful, compelling book of approximately 68 pages.

Throughout relatable present-tense passages, Calabasas braves memories of what happens after the “Fifty Shades of Grey” adventures end — including the kinds of scenes most romance novels leave out.

Join her journey through segments like…

Freshman Year – Fall Semester

Girl Gone Wild


A Florida State University Semen Hole


Queue the Dogs

Freshman Year – Spring Semester

A Smooth Criminal

Nasty Boy

Freshman Year – Summer Semester

I’ll take Your Man

Sophomore Year – Fall Semester

With Friends like Meâ?¦

Sophomore Year – Spring Semester

Sophomore Year – Summer Semester


Junior Year – Fall Semester

Junior Year – Spring Semester

Saddle Sore Whore

Fish and Visitors

Fatherless Figure

Sisterly Hate

Third Time, No Charm

The Latin Lesson

Junior Year – Summer Semester

Easy Rider?

Don’t Go Breaking my Heart

Senior Year – Fall Semester

Let the Games Begin

A Fly Guy

Senior Year – Spring Semester

Spilled Seed

Senior Year – Summer Semester

Out of All the Fellas in the World

The Wanderer


Fifth Year – Fall Semester

Four on the Floor

Fifth Year – Spring Semester

Marching Orders

by Don Mance

Military service and life in the Kingdom of God have a great deal in common. The author explores some of the similarities by drawing on his own experiences in the United States Air Force and his life as a Christian.

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