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by Chef Dhir

Hospitality Plus provides you with the training you need to be successful. As a Dishwasher you’ll be an important part of every meal a restaurant serves and each guest’s experience in a restaurant. Each restaurant takes great pride in serving quality food and maintaining an extremely clean restaurant. These high standards can only be maintained through great people like you who share the restaurant’s values and desire to do the very best job possible for the guests every day.
The guidelines listed on the following pages have been established to help you in your effort to provide these qualities to the restaurant’s guests. Along with the hands-on training you will receive, this manual will provide answers to questions you may have regarding a restaurant’s operating procedures.

Flipping Gold for Fast Cash – The Quick & Dirty Guide to Flipping Scrap Gold for Massive Profits … Starting Tonight!

by Matt Wallace

How to Buy & Sell Gold : The Quick & Dirty Guide to Flipping Scrap Gold for Massive Profits .. Starting Tonight! is a conversational step-by-step guide to getting a gold-flipping business started right away. Inside you’ll discover why buying scrap gold is a great business, the minimal equipment you’ll need, promoting your business, how to flip the gold & get paid, and more!

The author, Matt Wallace, has personally run a very successful gold business of his own and knows all the “dos” and “don’ts” of gold buying. He’s worked with many others who have also made small fortunes buying and selling scrap gold and has become an expert in this field.

The first week Matt decided to start buying and selling gold, he placed two ads on Craigslist, spent six hours meeting with people, and made $1100 profit.

This guide will explain in detail how to go about buying scrap gold for a fair price and cash in on this gold, just like he did that first week, and continues to do today.

How to Buy & Sell Gold : The Quick & Dirty Guide to Flipping Scrap Gold for Massive Profits .. Starting Tonight! is written to bring you the same results if not better, so you can make more money, free up your time, and start living life to the fullest.

Does starting a gold-flipping business with a small amount of money sound too good to be true? Well it’s not! There are many gold buyers who have successfully started their own businesses with little money. Matt explains how people it’s possible to start with next to nothing, and then start raking in money from their gold business. The lesson? It’s all about knowing HOW.

Below are 10 areas Matt covers in his book:

1. Why Is Buying Scrap Gold a Great Business? – Now is the greatest opportunity in the history of mankind. Matt will explains why right off the bat.
2. The Price of Gold – Where gold is priced at now .. & where it’s going!
3. Recommended Equipment – The essentials to get your business kickstarted
4. Karat Stamps – What they are and what they mean
6. Testing The Gold – How to check the items .. so you don’t get burned
7. Weighing The Scrap – Measuring how much you’ve got, so you know what your profit will be
8. Promoting Your Business – 6 Killer tactics to get you making money instantly & growing a sustainable business
9. Success Tips – How to become a gold-buying machine
10. Flipping & Getting Paid -The most important part! Cashing in BIG

Market Segmentation Analysis: Understanding It, Doing It, and Making It Useful (Management for Professionals)

by Sara Dolnicar

This book is published open access under a CC BY 4.0 license.This open access book offers something for everyone working with market segmentation: practical guidance for users of market segmentation solutions; organisational guidance on implementation issues; guidance for market researchers in charge of collecting suitable data; and guidance for data analysts with respect to the technical and statistical aspects of market segmentation analysis. Even market segmentation experts will find something new, including an approach to exploring data structure and choosing a suitable number of market segments, and a vast array of useful visualisation techniques that make interpretation of market segments and selection of target segments easier. The book talks the reader through every single step, every single potential pitfall, and every single decision that needs to be made to ensure market segmentation analysis is conducted as well as possible. All calculations are accompanied not only with a detailed explanation, but also with R code that allows readers to replicate any aspect of what is being covered in the book using R, the open-source environment for statistical computing and graphics.

Heterogeneity, High Performance Computing, Self-Organization and the Cloud (Palgrave Studies in Digital Business & Enabling Technologies)

by Theo Lynn

This book is open access under a CC BY NC ND license. It addresses the most recent developments in cloud computing such as HPC in the Cloud, heterogeneous cloud, self-organising and self-management, and discusses the business implications of cloud computing adoption. Establishing the need for a new architecture for cloud computing, it discusses a novel cloud management and delivery architecture based on the principles of self-organisation and self-management. This focus shifts the deployment and optimisation effort from the consumer to the software stack running on the cloud infrastructure. It also outlines validation challenges and introduces a novel generalised extensible simulation framework to illustrate the effectiveness, performance and scalability of self-organising and self-managing delivery models on hyperscale cloud infrastructures. It concludes with a number of potential use cases for self-organising, self-managing clouds and the impact on those businesses.

Risk Communication for the Future: Towards Smart Risk Governance and Safety Management (SpringerBriefs in Safety Management)

by Mathilde Bourrier

The conventional approach to risk communication, based on a centralized and controlled model, has led to blatant failures in the management of recent safety related events. In parallel, several cases have proved that actors not thought of as risk governance or safety management contributors may play a positive role regarding safety. Building on these two observations and bridging the gap between risk communication and safety practices leads to a new, more societal perspective on risk communication, that allows for smart risk governance and safety management. This book is Open Access under a CC-BY licence. 

Title Insurance Tips and Secrets

by Lex Levinrad

Title Insurance Tips and Secrets, 1st Edition, is completely revised and updated to help you understand the key concepts of title insurance and how your title policy protects you. The information in this book will help you to overcome the challenges of a successful real estate closing and will allow you to take control of the real estate settlement process by fully understanding it. This book is written for anyone that wants to finally understand all of the components and costs associated with a real estate closing statement. Kevin Tacher and Lex Levinrad offer proven, practical advice based on a combined experience of over fourteen years handling over one thousand real estate transactions in South Florida. Their wealth of knowledge and experience will help you save money and understand what you need to know about title insurance, title commitments, title policies and closing costs.

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