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The Lyon Affair: A French Resistance novel (The Indigo Rebels Book 2)

by Ellie Midwood

For fans of “The Nightingale” and “All The Light We Cannot See”

“The Lyon Affair” – book two in â??The Indigo Rebels’ series

A late diplomat’s son with a brilliant mind;
A Catholic priest with a dark past;
A young woman scorned by her fellow countrymen for her German heritage;
A young man who has just escaped the clutches of the ruthless Gestapo.
A tentative partnership created to fight against the common enemy, where the secrets of their pasts lead to disaster, and a betrayal of one may become a death sentence to all.

An unlikely hero…
A cunning villain…

One Resistance cell.
One traitor in their midst.

When the Gestapo is closing in, and there’s nowhere else to run, one will make a decision that could change everything.

A riveting French Resistance novel.

The Lordâ??s Temptation (Regency Romance)

by Harriette Pembroke

Sixteen-year-old Emily Banks has never been much interested in dating or romance. Her older sister, Laura, chides her for it, constantly reminding her sister that it’s the only way to assure a woman a comfortable adult life. While Emily knows her sister is looking out for her best interests, she considers Laura to be whimsical and overly romantic in her approach to life.

One day a wealthy and mysterious earl purchases the estate adjoining their own in London. Within the first day of his residency his servants have called on all the neighboring families, requesting their presence at the earl’s ball that weekend. The girls attend the ball and Laura immediately hits it off with a young man named Jack Smith, the cousin of the house’s new owner, Thomas Vernon. Emily, on the other hand, is not quite so fortunate. Although the earl seems taken with her, she finds him boorish and his behavior offensive.

Read on to find out if these sisters will be able to find personal happiness in a society where status and money govern the rules of love!

The Greenlanders: A Tale of Sea and Steel

by Hannah Ross

The year is circa 1000 A.D., and the battle between the old Gods and the new is at its height in Norway when the explorer Leif Erikson receives unexpected summons to court. Leif thinks this might be an advantageous opportunity to promote the status of his father’s colony in Greenland, but between the intrigues of his sister Freydis, the greedy schemes of the king, and his fatal attraction to the beautiful Princess Thorgunna, it becomes uncertain whether he will make it through alive.
Spanning three generations of seafarers, colonists and adventurers, The Greenlanders brings the ancient Icelandic sagas to life and illuminates them from an unexpected angle.

Arklight: Operation Nightfall

by J.M. Myrick

A cryptic legend… A fractured truth…

Arklight, the best kept secret in the U.S. arsenal, stumbles upon a power that exists independent of time. While on mission to capture the world’s most wanted terrorist, Arklight’s Spear Team unearths a remarkable Nazi conspiracy. The mysterious interaction leads the team to locate a dangerous truth, including a sinister plot to locate a weapon of immense potential. An encounter beyond belief forces the team back in time, one day into the WW II Allied assault on Bizerte, Tunisia. They soon discover an extraordinary purpose, forming an uneasy alliance of necessity.

In 1943, Hitler’s deranged attempt to conquer Europe, and beyond, stands on the fringe of reality, but Arklight provides the world a chance to alter destiny itself. Broken men experience a brutal truth, unlike anything before it in human history, creating an incredible revelation. The past we have always known becomes a paradox of faith, reshaping fact and reality. An ancient Knights Templar calling comes to light, uncloaking a dark enemy’s ominous plan to destroy all things.

RUDIS: (Novela histórica) (Spanish Edition)

by Marcos Nieto Pallarés

Nació donde los gladiadores pulían sus técnicas.
Creció anhelando luchar en la arena.
Esclavo e hijo adoptivo de un lanista; «hermano» de la mujer que amaba.
Buscó la libertad y la gloria empuñando una gladius.
Todo le aguardaba tras una espada de madera.

Una emocionante novela histórica que gira en torno a las luchas de gladiadores, el amor, la tradición, la lealtad y la venganza. Un ideal que llevará a su protagonista desde los suburbios hasta el Anfiteatro Flavio, cruzándose por el camino con una niña africana y un viejo asiático, que le acompañarán en su andadura hacia la libertad.

De nacimiento esclavo.
De sangre, leyenda.

«Me agradó especialmente el toque romántico que aparece en la misma, que no quiero desvelar. Me gustó mucho; ¿qué le voy a hacer? soy una romántica.
Quiero recomendarla a todos los lectores de:
-Novela de acción: hay mucha, en Rudis. No se van a aburrir.
-Novela histórica: disfrutarán de Roma, paseando por sus calles, viviendo peleas de gladiadores y teniendo una imagen real de la vida cotidiana.
-Novela romántica: como ya he dicho, hay una historia preciosa que merece ser descubierta.
-Novelas de Marcos Nieto Pallarés: es tan fiel a su estilo, que te hará disfrutar como en todas las anteriores.»

Mary Ann Geeby (bloguera y escritora)


‘LATIDOS EN EL SÃ?TANO’ (Novela negra).
‘EL ASESINO INDELEBLE’ (Novela negra).
‘SANDERS: La precuela de EL ASESINO INDELEBLE’ (Novela negra).
‘EL DESTINO DEL INCORPÃ?REO’ (Ciencia ficción).
‘EL MUNDO DEL AHORA’ (Fantasía épica).
‘EL VIAJE DE NIRBLIN’ (Fantasía épica).

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