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Ghost Marshals: Book I: Agents of Tenebris

by Sebastian Martinez

Our world, is one of many, welcome to the world you never knew, the World of the Tenebris Cogere.

Months after horrible events from a heavy, casualty-ridden mission, Marine Lieutenant Kevin Fischer reluctantly joins an enigmatic organization known as the Tenebris Cogere to become the commanding officer to their new task force, the Ghost Marshals. He is tasked to recruit special individuals to this task force, each one stranger than the next.
His first recruit, a mysteriously resurrected Civil War assassin, aids him in navigating the secret world he joins as he recruits a young twenty-something girl with the supernatural ability of telekinesis, a vampire hiding from her violent, maniacal husband, and a journalist-turned vigilante with a demonic presence attached to him.

As they overcome obstacles that try to halt in the creation of this task force, they will learn that they have more in common together than they did alone. Their training and revelations will prepare them for what they’re organization hears of next, whispers of an invasion that echo throughout the Tenebris Cogere. The Ghost Marshals must be prepared to defend Earth against a mighty force that outnumbers them a thousand to one. A battle may ensue and bring them out of the shadows and into the world that Kevin left behind.

When Balloons Return

by K. Anderson Yancy

The eve after balloons were released high into the heavens and snatched by the currents to disappear miles over the horizon, at her parents’ home in celebration of the life of a young woman believed to have been abducted and murdered, they return the next morning outside the home, then materialize within in itâ?¦

This Is Just The Beginning

by Nikhita Tandon

“Is…that…true?” I say having false hope that he would say no.

“Yes it’s true and you cannot do anything to change that.”

“Who else is also a part of this human species?” I ask dreading for the answer.

“I’m also one,” a voice comes behind me and I turn around not expecting him.

Grave Robbers

by Drac Von Stoller

It was 1862 and the town of Sickville had many Gold Mines that thrived in an overabundance of wealth until greed took over and friends and neighbors became enemies. There was always someone standing guard by their mines, but there were too many people not in on the cut. So, that’s when things got ugly and people that used to be friends started dying just to get their hands on the gold. The sound of gun fire could be heard on a daily basis, but many of the greedy townspeople that were killing to get in on a piece of the action had no mining skills so the town of Sickville went belly up in just a year.

The only place where business was thriving was the cemetery. A town that had a population of a thousand was now in the hundreds. Many of the survivors that survived the bloodshed left town out of fear of not knowing when their day was up to be buried in the cemetery that was quickly running out of space for their dead.

Of Illusion

by Brooke Vinson

Ever hear of the chimera?

These creatures are far from mythical.

Created by an immoral series of experiments combining science and alchemy, Hein is supposed to be dead. Instead he has been groomed by one of the world’s greatest alchemists to be his successor.

Until everything changes.

Learning that the gentry’s desire for power has doomed the world to slowly die, Hein embarks on a quest to purify the world. With the help of the alchemists, fighting the gentry wouldn’t be a problem, but through an unexpected series of events, Hein has been branded a criminal.

Joined by Acial, an intelligent child with a troubled past, and Silver, a man of many secrets, Hein’s quest to stop the Earth from being destroyed will take him to places he never imagined and make him question everything he has ever learned.

Of Illusion is 40,000 words of painful realization and a fight to save what should never have been destroyed.

Just One Bite: Dances With Werewolves Book One

by Nora Snowdon

This playful take on modern werewolves is perfect for fans of Dakota Cassidy’s Wolf Mates series. Sexy, hilarious, and emotionally satisfying, Just One Bite is a cute novella you can really sink your teeth into.

Rosie has an amazing one-night-stand with the most perfect man. Ever. He’s gorgeous, funny and really seems to like her. Then she overhears that his ex-girlfriend is pregnant and he’s being forced into a shotgun wedding. Hell, the only good thing that came out of that night she met Lucas, was the mangy dog who now jogs with her. He may be an odd looking mutt, but at least he’s a good listener.

Lucas adores Rosie but she hates him because she thinks he’s a lying sleaze who cheated on his fiancée. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not to mention, Rosie would freak out if she found out he’s a werewolf.

The other problem is, she only likes her jogging partner the wolf, and not the man. But damn, how do you woo a woman if all you can do is bark?

“Witty and warm-hearted, Just One Bite is a fun romantic comedy that will have you howling with laughter.” Helen Frost and Don Macleod, Screenwriters of Hallmark’s Just In Time For Christmas

Just One Bite is the first book in the Dances With Werewolves series. It is a paranormal romantic comedy with adult situations and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Dear readers: Please note, this book, originally published in 2012 with a small e-press, has been revised and was originally titled Love At First Sniff.

Noises in the Dark

by Cathleen Maza

Short story author Cathleen Maza spins nine dark tales of the supernatural in this gripping horror collection. From the outdoor ruins of a haunted ballroom to a ghostly mansion built entirely of dreams, each story leads the reader down an unlit corridor of the paranormal. For lovers of psychological suspense, this book is a must-read…just remember to turn the lights on. Stories include: Annalisa’s Last Dance, Teddy, Teeth, An Angel Walks Into a Bar, Noises in the Dark, Inheritance, The Color of Second Best, Hell Hath No Fury, and Dream Ghosts.

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