Free humour Kindle books for 10 Aug 18

Bright Lights, Dark Shadows: The Shadow Side of Celebrity and Fame

by Mimi Amaral

This book delves into the shadow side (unspoken aspects) of celebrity and fame for entertainers and athletes. One may think being in the world of entertainment and sports is a dream come true, but is it? The hidden truths are exposed and explored within.

The author leads you through the possible subjective reality and brings to life the unique issues that entertainers and athletes face in their industries. Subjects covered, but not limited to, are:
– Lifestyle Risks (e.g., loneliness and isolation, anxiety, depression, acute decomposition, drugs, and death);
– Lack of Personal Space (e.g., para-social relationships, worship, obsession, stalking, and paparazzi);
– Fall from Grace (e.g., ageism, plastic surgery, type casting, coming out, and child stars);
– Observation and Integration (e.g., Advocacy);
– Shadow to Light (e.g., fast forward to present day)

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