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Chasing Kites: A Memoir About Growing Up with ADHD

by Tom Nardone

Chasing Kites is unflinching look at growing up with ADHD at a time in which there was little to no awareness. If you want to know and feel what someone with ADHD goes through, there is not a better way to understand than Chasing Kites.

Tom Nardone shares his personal stories in the most honest and genuine fashion. Some of which are hysterically funny, while others are quite moving and touching. Through these stories, Tom connects with his readers by actually explaining what was going through his mind, and/or his thought process at the time which they occurred.

Tom, for more than half of his life, was not accepted by the majority of his peers.He did not fit into any of society’s norms. This was evident in the fact he was bullied and picked on daily for his first 10 years of school, and the fact he was fired from more jobs than he can recount.

Chasing Kites is not an ADHD manual. It is a true story that spans from kindergarten through high school and well into adulthood. It’s a story of victory and defeat. It’s a story of love and hate. Chasing Kites is the story of Tom Nardone going from being a troubled young boy to being a hero to so many others like him.

This is what others have said about Chasing Kites

“Tom writes with passion, sincerity, and honesty. I was moved to tears.”

Rick Green of “TotallyADD©”

“There are a handful of people in the ADHD universe who can successfully combine biting humor with heart-wrenching truth to yield provocative prose that entertain while enlightening. Tom Nardone is one of the few.”

Alan Brown of “ADDCrusher©” and “CrusherTV©”

“I have never read anything so vulnerable, so honest, so inspiring or funny. I highly recommend it.”

Laurie Dupar of “The International ADHD Coach Training Center©”

Gripping and compelling! I did not put it down until the end.”

Jennie Friedman of the “See in ADHD©” Podcast”

Tom Nardone is widely known in the ADHD community from his writing, interaction, and most notably “The Tom Nardone Show” which can be heard on iTunes© and iHeartRadio©. Tom is an unapologetic fresh voice in the ADHD community, and is respected and loved for the entertaining attitude he takes toward his own ADHD.

While for a long time it has been Tom Nardone’s primary purpose to entertain his audience, this book is something very different. Tom loves ADHD people. It is primarily for them and their family and friends for whom he wrote Chasing Kites however, anyone who reads this will get something from it.

Rainy Daze

by Urania Duncan

This is the true story of a young girl named Rainy born and raised by Christian parents on the murderous streets of Baltimore. At the young age of ten her world is turned upside down by the sudden death of her mother. Unable to cope, she turns to drugs and a life on the streets where she is raped, abused, and almost killed. In a strange turn of events, Rainy is able to escape the perils that plagued Baltimore and moves to North Carolina. However, she is faced with a set of new challenges and the death of her eight year old son. After years of pain, she returns to her first love- the love of God. Finally able to overcome the pains of the past and change for the better. Witness the miraculous testimony and life’s journey of a lost girl that was saved by love. Follow this amazing story of faith, hope, and love in the action packed drama of Rainy Daze.

Becoming Best Friends: Safe Play! Children and Dogs Together

by Vicki Kate Nash

An interesting and informative picture book for children. One with an important message. Through bright and bold hand-painted watercolour illustrations, children can begin to learn more about understanding dogs. With dog body language (doggy language), shown in full page illustrations, alongside the often missed, subtle signs of emotions displayed in dogs and puppies. Children find out how to spot these subtleties (therefore potentially avoiding unwanted situations).

They learn basic knowledge and understanding of dogs. Children can then apply this new knowledge when encountering unfamiliar dogs, when out and about, or with the family dog at home. These important skills can help children and dogs to be safer around each other, with supervision from a responsible adult.

A positive and fun introduction to the basics of ‘reading’ a dog and how to behave around these wonderful creatures. This Becoming Best Friends book, will help teach a mutual respect and understanding of each other. Whether it’s building a bond with their own family pet dog, or knowing when they should look, but not touch, an unknown dog in the park, or street.

This book will help the fearful child, to see how a friendly and passive dog looks and behaves. Boosting the child’s self confidence and helping to reduce fear of dogs.

Knowledge is key.

This book will also help the bold child, who shows no fear and hastily heads (face first), towards an unknown, or unwelcoming dog. The important message is ‘Give space, away from your face’. But also that ‘Dogs are good!’

Dogs with jobs! Dogs that provide assistance and support for a blind, or partially sighted person and dogs that are specially trained to support a disabled person, or autistic child are captured, alongside other amazing dogs in the book!

Dogs for Good U.K. currently use the paperback version of this book in their PAWS workshops. For parents of autistic children who have, or are thinking of having, a family dog to help their autistic child.

Dogs are good!

This book will help young children and dogs stay safe together. Building a bond, becoming best friends!

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