Free religious fiction Kindle books for 10 Aug 18

The Honeymooners

by Vicky Morton

An anthology of Sweet Christian and Love Inspired romances written to warm the heart. This anthology is headlined by “The Honeymooners”. Joseph and Aria have had the most romantic wedding and now embark on their honeymoon. They haven’t known each other *that* long and Aria discovers that Joseph is a bit more of a risk taker than she thought. Their honeymoon is wild and fun but when things finally settle down the couple is still unsure on where there lives will lead. Aria wants to settle at her ranch in Colorado. Joseph wants to settle in Hawaii. It’s an impossible situation. Will God show them where He wants them to live, and if He does, will they listen?

Holy Bible Stories for Children

by Ross Kramer

“Bible Stories for Children” introduces young readers to the magic world of the Holy Bible

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