Free science fiction Kindle books for 10 Aug 18

Accidental Advance: A Science Fiction Adventure

by Ingo Potsch

Accidental Advance tells the story of a young man from a rich family who embarks on a sight-seeing tour through the galaxy. What starts as a harmless pleasure soon turns into a struggle for survival when the spaceship the young man travels on gets sabotaged. Space pirates assault the ship and the hero gets drown into a civil war effecting an ancient alien civilization that is ruling halve the galaxy.


by David Scott

Three hundred years have passed since the Imperium of Man first encountered the superorganism known as Phryxia. During those centuries it withstood every weapon men and their allies could find, growing ever more powerful as it absorbed universe after universe.

Many of the supernatural races have long since vanished, but some factions of men still search for a magic or technology that could destroy the monster. Sacrificing everything, one of those factions may have finally succeeded.

One man may hold the key they’ve long sought, but he has no memory or awareness of his purpose. There are those who would aid him, but even more who would stop him. And while he struggles to find his identity, Phryxia itself is closing in.

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