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Yanks in the Outback: A story of Woomera, South Australia, The Joint Defense Facility Nurrungar (JDFN) and the First Gulf War.

by Dave Ives

What role did the remote satellite tracking station near Woomera South Australia play during the First Gulf War? What was it like when Aussies and Yanks lived and worked together while the Joint Defense Facility Nurrungar (JDFN) – now closed – was in operation?

These questions are answered in Dave Ives’ book, “Yanks in the Outback.” Dave’s story – although fiction – is based on his experience as a young US Air Force lieutenant stationed at the JDFN from February 1990 until May 1991. Written in diary format, Dave takes us with him on his personal journey “Down Under” â?¦ how he deals with living in the remote outback, how he struggles at first with the Aussie accent, how he handles challenges as the sole military satellite systems engineer on site.

The role of the JDFN during the First Gulf War is well documented in the public literature. The fact that operators from the JDFN were detecting and reporting SCUD missile launches in the Middle East war zone is no secret. But, Dave’s story gives us a unique perspective – an inside, emotional and personal look at life at the JDFN before, during and just after the war. And, he presents a powerful case challenging the official story about the role the JDFN played in the SCUD missile launch that hit the barrack housing US soldiers in Saudi Arabia on 26 February 1991.

Dave’s book is a historical snapshot of what life was like at the JDFN and Woomera in the early 1990s through the eyes of a young US Air Force lieutenant.

Paths of War: The Mekong Delta of Vietnam, a novel of the Riverine Brigades and Army Tugs (Hurricane Road Book 7)

by Roger C Horton

This novel, Paths of War, begins in the delta city of My Tho, 1935. Four young brothers are caught up in the Viet Minh’s struggle against the French. The composition of the revolt alters as the conflict is overshadowed by WWII and includes the Japanese, Chinese, British and Americans. Victory over France exposes divisions within the movement and a ruthless civil war begins. The great powers choose sides, as do the Ngo brothers.
By 1967 a half million American and SEATO allies fight alongside the South Vietnamese Army. This story follows Lt Dole, Cuban American SFC Max Vega, who survived the Bay of Pigs, and draftees Russo, Jones, all members of the Riverine Brigades of the Me Kong Delta. Floridian, Alex Russell, is in command of an Army tug, dragging ammunition barges up the torturous rivers, and Col. Ngo Viet, the VC Col. hardened by thirty years of constant war. Other characters, GI’s, the Vietnamese crews of Russell’s tug, bar girls, and so many more bring the emotions and tragedies of the period to life. Paths of War will leave you with a new understanding of the word, veteran, and why even the most courageous soldiers can seldom relate to others their memories of war.
Read it and be changed

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