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Living and Dying on the Internet

by Alex Day

â??Sorry,’ she said, â??it’s just I’ve never met anyone famous before.’
â??Sorry,’ I replied, â??you still haven’t.’

In 2008, the media reported that Alex Day was the first person in the UK to make money from YouTube videos. He was described as â??a YouTube star’. But he didn’t feel like one.

Alex watched as his channel grew, leading him to a YouTube party in Sydney, a video convention in Los Angeles and a world record attempt in London. He signed up to new sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. But as his professional life flourished, his personal life unravelled when a series of damning blog posts exposed his past and left him with no friends and no home â?? and no audience.

How would you cope if your worst mistakes were written up and torn apart by thousands of strangers, right before your eyes? A book about ambition, failure and responsibility, Living and Dying on the Internet is a timely and unparalleled look into the evolution of YouTube, the culture of public shaming and an insightful account of how the internet has changed â?? and changed us â?? over the last ten years.


by Jeff Howe

After graduating from college, Jeff Howe enlisted in the U.S. Army. BDUDAYS describes his experiences and thoughts of the military while he served in an era where nothing bigger than the invasion of Granada took place. Except for maybe the Cold War.

Patrolling the Heart of the West: True Tales of a Nevada State Trooper

by Steve Raabe

“Told with great humor and compassion, Raabe’s tales show us the heart behind the badge.”
–Michael Gurian, NY Times bestselling author of The Wonder of Boys

“Raabe’s stories reflect “the good, the bad and the ugly” aspects of patrolling our highways. Patrolling the Heart of the West will bring a new appreciation for the unique role and responsibilities of state troopers, especially those who work in rural or remote areas.”
–G Paul Corbin, criminal justice professor and former chief of the Nevada Highway Patrol

For decades, Trooper Steve Raabe patrolled some of the most desolate and dangerous highways in America. Alone in the remote Nevada desert, miles from any backup, Raabe was forced to contend with murderers, thieves, perverts, dope peddlers, and the occasional runaway train.

While often tragic and terrifying, Raabe’s true tales also abound with his signature wit and playful good cheer. Policing can be a deadly serious business, but for Raabe it also entailed buying a prisoner an ice cream cone on a hot summer day, or laughing along with some good old boys before booking them into jail, as you’ll discover in Patrolling the Heart of the West.

In our contentious and politicized era, when police officers are too often portrayed as either infallible superheroes or oppressive henchmen, Raabe’s charming collection reminds us that cops are mostly just ordinary men and women who’ve chosen an extraordinary career.

More praise for Patrolling the Heart of the West:

“Perhaps the most endearing police memoir yet written. As a son and brother of cops, I admire the humanity Raabe brings to each of these stories.”
–Jon Gosch, author of Deep Fire Rise

Patrolling the Heart of the West is a quick, entertaining and informative glimpse into an important, sometimes dangerous career spent in a little understood corner of the country.”
–Ed Pearce, Senior Reporter, KOLO-TV Reno

“Whether you have an interest in law enforcement, are a fan of all things Nevadan, or just want to enjoy a good book that you won’t want to put down once you start reading it, you’ll find Patrolling the Heart of the West to be a memorable read. Highly recommended.”
–Excerpt from Readers’ Favorite, review by Kimberlee J Benart

Patrolling the Heart of the West is a thoroughly entertaining and enlightening read. With a style reminiscent of the war stories exchanged during a law-enforcement family barbecue, Raabe’s skill as a storyteller is evident as he imparts his wisdom and experience with a unique sense of humor, candor, and insightfulness.”
–Andy Brown, author of Warnings Unheeded: Twin Tragedies at Fairchild Air Force Base

“Raabe tells his experiences with excellent accuracy, grace and wit. I couldn’t put the book down!”
–Colonel Michael Hood, Nevada Highway Patrol

Marie Antoinette: A Life From Beginning to End

by Hourly History

Marie Antoinette

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Her name was Marie Antoinette. She was the last queen of France and among the most notorious of royalty ever to wear the crown. But besides the tales that would make the national enquirer blush, just what do we know about Marie Antoinette? While the peasants of France were starving for lack of bread did she really say, “Let them eat cake!”? Or was it all a carefully crafted smear campaign?

Inside you will read about…

â?? Groomed to Become Queen
â?? The Failed Wedding Night
â?? Madame Deficit
â?? The Roots of Revolution
â?? Under the Protection of Lafayette
â?? The Last French King and Queen
And much more!

Animosity against Marie Antoinette, the Austrian-born woman that many French citizens viewed as a transplanted upstart, had been brewing for several years. But was there any truth to their claims of the queen squandering resources and neglecting the lives of her subjects? In this book we seek to cut through centuries of bias and preconceived notions when it comes to Marie Antoinette. Never mind what you may think you know about this sensational sovereign, here we seek to find the real person behind the historical quips and catchphrases. Come along as we rediscover the life and legend of the ill-fated last queen of Franceâ??Marie Antoinette.

Murder and Margaritas

by Rebecca Buttons

A collection of True Crime stories detailing the crimes of women against their husbands…Thomas Stack’s death didn’t surprise a lot of people when it happened. He was an alcoholic, and everyone suspected that he accidentally poisoned himself. But once the small town of Farmington heard that Cynthia Galens was actually behind the murder and that she used a large amount of antifreeze to get rid of her husband, everyone was in pure shock. Cynthia was a lovely lady without prior charges, but she did complain a couple of times that Thomas Stack was hurting her in the privacy of her own home. Unable to cope with his mood swings, Cynthia claimed she wanted to make him ill so she could run away from the man himself. But the levels of antifreeze in his system told a different story – that the murder was premeditated and Cynthia could have saved the man’s life if she told the truth in the hospital.

Cartas de amor: versão de excertos condensados em 53 páginas para divulgação (Portuguese Edition)

by Maria Josephina Mignone

Versão de excertos condensados em 53 páginas para divulgação do livro Cartas de amor, que é a correspondência romântica e cotidiana trocada por quase duas décadas entre o casal de músicos clássicos Maria Josephina Mignone e Francisco Mignone



Can true love survive a relapse? They first met when they were high. Fell in love when they were sober. Promised to love, cherish, and remain forever clean and drug-free, had two kids, adopted two cats, a guinea pig, a beta fish, and a Boston Terrier. For ten years, they kept those promises. But things began to change. Money was missing, bills weren’t paid, absences and excuses didn’t add up. And Kylie buried her head in the sand, afraid to face the truth. The truth that she knew all too well. Her husband was doing drugs. As Tom falls deeper into the world of addiction and the evil it imparts, Kylie struggles to hold on to her happy life. But at what point does she have to let go of her true love to save herself and her children?
This is a love story, a romance, a family affair…. Will the one thing that brought them together be the one thing that tears them apart?

The Wee, the Wound and the Worries: My Experience of Being a Kidney Donor

by Pearl Howie

In 2002 Pearl donated a kidney to her brother, and offers practical advice to anyone considering donation.

“Thank you so so much for your kind words and advice, it has really given me so much to think about and to be grateful for. Thank you once again for taking the time to respond to my email, even though I don’t know you, you have given more invaluable advice than anyone I know :-)” Kerri

“Just wanted to say a HUGE thankyouâ?¦ found it very informative (they don’t tell you all that in the hospital!) and funny too- couldn’t help sniggering at some bits!” – P

“â?¦you have given me so much hope and the reason to keep going nowâ?¦ You are an inspiration to me already.”

“â?¦It is an utterly candid account of a difficult subject, written with love for her brother and her family but confronting squarely the challenges… Wise, practical and respectful of the reader’s concerns it will be of real value to others in a similar situationâ?¦ â?¦she is to be admired for having the courage to write it.” Joyce

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