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The Vault: Poetry’s Best Kept Secret (VOL 1)

by Nicole Enlightened Nichols

“Enlightened” born Nicole Nichols is a Poet, Author, Entrepreneur and mother currently working on her doctorate in Alternative Medicine.

Originally from Compton, CA she spent her growing years as a pre-teen in Aurora, CO where she first discovered her poetry. By the time she was 18 she had already accomplished having her work published nationally.

Amongst her written works “The Vault” her newest spoken word collection is her literary debut.
She lives in Phoenix AZ now and constantly grins for absolutely no reason at all. Her work has often been described as urban meets intelligent thoughts. She leaves no rock unturned from love, sex, heartbreak, and lives well lived this book features an emotional rollercoaster of experiences for everyone reading it. It is life in rhyme.

Clash Of Clans Complete Guide: Gems, Strategies, Tricks And MORE!

by Game Books

This guide contains everything you need to know to complete Candy Crush Saga!

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