Free literary fiction Kindle books for 11 Aug 18

Harsh Reality: One Mistake Can Change Your Life Forever: A gripping action and adventure novel (The Reality Series Book 1)

by Jacqui Penn

Murder. Injustice. Survival.
Danny Hammond has barely come of age when he finds himself in prison for a murder he didn’t commit. His life is in ruins and barring his mum, his family and friends desert him.
Danny is broken until someone he hardly knows believes in him. That, someone, was a murderer. He helped Danny survive the nightmare that would later give him the strength to save lives and hail him a hero.
He thought Brazil would be an adventure to help him forget his past, but when faced with danger, he wasn’t brave; he took action and it paid off.
Now Danny’s an accused lowlife in one country and a hero in another. He has an opportunity to rid himself of the hatred brought on by the accusation, but he knows he must take his secret heroism to the grave or face lifelong shame.
Harsh Reality is the first adventure novel in the Reality Series. If you like page-turning action and suspense and are moved by individuals facing tremendous challenges, then you´ll love Jacqui Penn’s gripping look at domestic family life. Download today and start turning the pages in the Reality adventure series.
All books in the series can be read as a stand-alone novel.

What We Remember (The Hope of Hyde Hills Book 4)

by Jacie Middlemann

“From the first day of my life you’ve been a guiding light for me through this journeyâ?¦now it’s my turn.”

What We Remember is the fourth book in the continuing story of two families who meet at a time in their lives when change seem to be taking place almost every day. Hyde Hills Township is home to two women who meet at a time in their lives when they find themselves asking questions that have no easy answers. Catherine Holden and Grace Allen have made changes in their lives to care for their mothers. Each of them believe that any adjustments they’ve made are minor compared to the harsh reality their mothers must live with every day.

Over the years since their journey began they’ve learned it is filled with more than the many twists and detours but also has unexpected obstacles blocking the way. Now Catherine and Grace along with their family and friends struggle to deal with what they are now facing.

What We Remember is the continuing story of two families who meet at a time when change seems to be taking place almost every day. As Mae and Elsie adjust to the worsening symptoms of the disease that has forever altered their lives Catherine and Grace along with their families must learn to do the same.

The Hope of Hyde Hills series are stories of mothers and daughters and the family they are surrounded byâ?¦and all the complications that sometimes brings with it. It is a story of what is important and what is not and sometimes the very difficult struggle to distinguish between the two.

What We Remember is the fourth book in The Hope of Hyde Hills series. Also available are When We Trust, How We Love, and Where We Turn.

The Meanderers: A coming of age fiction novel about the journey of life – From childhood to teenage to adulthood – Relive emotions and ideas like love, loss, sex, friendship, fear and courage

by Dhawal Trivedi

“Let your journey in life be the pilgrimage from fear to love”

Winner of the 2018 EW Award for the â??Best Novel’, â??The Meanderers’ chronicles the story of a boy, Om Vats, from the age of five till twenty, broken down into three phases. First, when the boy is five – the age of innocence and wonder. Second, when the boy is fourteen – the age of puberty and the blooming of sexuality. Third, when the boy is twenty – the age of aspiration and ambition.

When Om is five – he lives with his maternal grandmother more than his parents. He calls her â??Naani’. His father, Mahesh has lost his job and his mother, Kiran, has never worked in her life. But, they all must jostle hard to get him admitted into a good private school to ensure his bright future before the new session begins.

When Om turns fourteen, he befriends a boy called Rohit. Bullied by a group of boys at school, at the dawn of puberty and adolescence, Om must delve deeper to find out more about friendship, sex, and fear.

At twenty, Om is about to graduate and aspires to be a ground-breaking software engineer. He experiences a soul-stirring love for the first time in his life which alters his outlook towards his aspirations. Will Om be able to accept love with all the dangers it comes with? Will Om be able to reconcile love with his material aspirations.

â??The Meanderers’ aspires to be an enquiry into ideas and emotions such as love, loss, sex, fear, courage, friendship and impermanence.

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