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Lottery: A Strategic Approach To Winning Lottery Games

by Veronika Stroff

Do you want to know how to turn a game of chance into a game of skill? 

Winning the lottery is not just “dumb luck.” Despite it being labeled as a completely random game, there are players who have won pots multiple times. These people are not born at a special time or have some gift given to them that allows them to win millions while you toss another losing ticket into the trash. The difference between being a multi-time lottery winner and just another losing ticket is strategy and knowledge. 

A game should still be fun to play, but many people would agree, it is even more fun when you win! To win, skill and patience are often key traits, and thankfully both of which can be developed with time. While there is no magic pill or formula to guarantee a win, let alone a jackpot, playing smart can increase the odds of success. And as those odds continue to improve with the more skill and patience you develop, resulting in more rewards for you.

This book, Lottery, is designed to give you access to the knowledge that few people understand or look to understand. The math behind the game is often intimidating, especially for those that have a fear of math from childhood. In this book, the math that is discussed is presented in a way to help clarify how it is used and why it is used so that you can make better choices for a lottery and numbers to play. After all, knowing common theories, strategies, and methods that already successful lottery winner’s use can only be a benefit to future success! 

In addition, tips and tactics are shared here to help make planning which lottery is the best bet, playing favored numbers, and protecting a win, big or small, easier, and ideally, even more enjoyable! Whether you want to be a professional lottery player or just improve the likelihood that your investment will pay back the money paid out to take this book as your guide. Put to use these ideas with understanding and keep playing. Do not get discouraged, use the losses to learn and improve (and as a tax break, but more on that is inside!). And always celebrate the wins, no matter the size.

Get ready to win big with Lottery, providing tips for success such as:

-    Recognize how math and other factors can impact the odds of winning and how to move those odds in your favor.
-    Do not discard a ticket, a losing one or a winner. This is information can be used for tax purposes, and double checking draws.
-    Learn how to play the house’s money to lower the financial risk of buying tickets.
-    Hear cautionary tales of why some strategies are best avoided.
-    Define common lottery terms and why they are important. For example:

o    Pooling
o    Wheeling
o    Tracking
o    Game skipping
o    Odds and evens
o    Highs and lows

-    Understand how buying software can be smart or dangerous. Learn how to tell the difference.
-    Learn ways to spot a scam by recognizing some of the most common red flags.


Won’t You Alphabet With Me

by Rebekah Buckley

A fun, bright picture filled book to educate children while having fun!

Autism Intervention: The Very Basics:: What every parent and policy maker should know. 2nd Edition

by CR Petersen M.Ed.

Written for anyone with an interest.
More information on Evidence Based Practice can be found at:
(Parent Autism Resources – Many Free or Less Expensive, but very Effective for most)
The purpose of this booklet is NOT to teach anyone how to use any of these interventions. Intervention should be provided by someone with the appropriate degree and certified in an evidence-based practice. The purpose it to teach you some of the things to look for in an interventionist using a primarily behavioral intervention. This book will not go into any depth with developmental intervention; however, many children make remarkable progress for a much lower cost with some developmental interventions.
While we can continue to learn as we age, there is a larger window of opportunity for younger children. Connections are made in the brain at a more rapid rate during the early years than at any other time. Early intervention, as early as possible, is beneficial, even crucial.

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