Free religious fiction Kindle books for 11 Aug 18

Lord, Save Me From Myself: A Soul Cry Spinoff

by Olivia Shaw-Reel

Former pastor, Jalen Owens, has always been a womanizer, liar, cheater, and the opposite of everything the Bible teaches. After engaging in extramarital affairs and divorcing his longtime wife, he finds his life spiraling so far out of control that it’s unsalvageable. He endures loss after loss, unable to rebuild his career and reputation, and cannot seem to find God in the midst of the darkness that his playboy ways created. Left to plead on his knees, “Lord, save me from myself,” Jalen sees firsthand how God’s grace is sufficient and unfailing.

The Deuce (Midtown Blue Book 1)

by F.P. Lione

Tony Cavalucci is a New York City police officer fighting for his life. The crime and corruption he sees on the job combined with a failing family life leave Tony feeling drained, lost, and frightfully alone, causing him to look for happiness in all the wrong places. Just when he is about to give up, Tony is partnered with Joe Fiore, another Italian-American cop who exudes the strength and confidence that Tony has been searching for. Though wary of his new partner, Tony finds that the day-to-day toils of his job force him to swallow his pride and look to Fiore for help.

Writing with grit, freshness, and authenticity, authors Frank and Pam Lione, born-and-bred native New Yorkers themselves, bring to life the loneliness that haunts even New York’s finest.

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