Free science fiction Kindle books for 11 Aug 18

When the Power is Gone: A Powerless World – Book 1

by P. A Glaspy

Russ and Anne Mathews live in a rural suburb in Tennessee. Regular people, with regular jobs, living a normal life – except for one thing. They are what many people call “preppers”.

They have stocked up on supplies to survive any kind of event they can think of that may occur to disrupt life as they know it. When that event comes, they start preparing for the new way of life they will face. Along with their teenage son, and their next door neighbors and best friends, they plan their exit from a neighborhood too close to the city to a farm in the country. They just have to get there.

Their faith in their own capabilities and in humankind will be challenged, as they fight to protect and keep their supplies and, quite possibly, their lives.


by R.K. Hunter

Jon Santy is a smart, happy kid; but recent run-ins with his school principal have put him on the fast track to expulsion. Luckily, Jon and his best friend Stuart have discovered they possess special powers; one-way tickets out of suburbia and into an extraordinary new world 750 miles beneath the Earth’s surface, filled with futuristic technologies and exotic lifeforms — a school for ALIEN HYBRIDS.

The boys quickly settle into their new world, even befriending their initial rivals; the painfully introverted Lily and her raucous best friend Bernie. The quartet embarks on a thrilling quest where they learn their heroes are not who they seem, and only their combined talents can help them succeed where others have failed. The friends defy the odds by decrypting the previously unnavigable maze that leads them to Zephyr’s Machine and the power it wields, bringing their deceptive leaders to justice and saving the galaxy in the process.

This first book in the series follows Bernie, Jon, Lily, and Stuart as they merge their individual talents together to solve puzzles, survive perilous treachery, and ultimately defeat their powerful enemies.

Goran the Slayer – Monster Hunting for Fun and Profit: Planeswalking Monster Hunters for Hire (Weird Fantasy, Guns, Multiverse Adventure, and Mythical Monster Hunter Team)

by Eddie Patin

Explore other Universes.
Hunt Deadly Monsters.
Make a Profit.

Goran the Slayer is the BADASS of the Reality Rifters interdimensional monster hunting group.

He knows it, and he loves his job. Hunting deadly beasts across the omniverse for a profit is violent and challenging as hell, and business is good.

When a particular bounty sends Goran and the other Reality Rifters to a backwards world to eliminate some demonic warp spiders that have decimated a small dark ages village, the job seems like nothing out of the ordinary. While looking for their quarry, it’s strange enough that the village has become something of a ghost town, but the predicament of the townspeople darkens when the Reality Rifters run into more startling twists inside the fortified keep. And when their leader’s device protecting the group’s minds from the warp spiders’ influence is unexpectedly disabled and everyone is separated, Goran mysteriously finds himself the only member of the team still able to think clearly.

Will Goran the Slayer save his teammates from the horrific, mind-bending monsters and save the day? Will the Reality Rifters be able to recover and succeed in their mission? Will Goran ever meet a rainbow unicorn like he wants to??

Goran the Slayer is a (very fun) fast-paced weird science fiction/fantasy story related to the “Monster Hunting for Fun and Profit” series. Before the events of “The Wyvern in the Wilderlands”, the Reality Rifters was led by other Jason Leapers and had other exciting and exotic members of the team. This is a glimpse into the monster hunter team’s backstory and its heavy weapons specialist, Goran the Slayer. If you love books about guns, survival, vicious and terrible mythical monsters, cosmic horror, time travel, DINOSAURS, and exploring strange new worlds … read this series today!

Aliens, Spaceships and the Occasional Latte (Jack Winters, Sci-fi Detective Series Book 1)

by M.J. Wahl

Unknown to most humans, aliens love our coffee. It’s the most popular drink in the galaxy and Earth is the only planet that has it. They’ve tried to grow it on other worlds, but it just isn’t the same.

So a group of enterprising extra-terrestrials are making a fortune smuggling coffee from our nice little planet and trading it around the galaxy.

Hardboiled detective Jack Winters, definitely a non-believer when it comes to little green men from space, accidentally stumbles upon the eccentric band of alien smugglers late one night while on a stakeout.

Before he knows it, he’s travelling the galaxy with the aliens and fighting for his life against some very nasty bounty hunters. Jack’s in for the adventure of a life-time, but all he wants is to just get back to Earth in time to take his son to the football game.

Aliens, Spaceships and the Occasional Latte is a fun romp through space with hardboiled detective Jack Winters and coffee-loving alien smugglers. You don’t have to be a java junkie to love this book (although it would help), you just have to love an exhilarating blend of sci-fi, mystery and adventure.

The Girl in the Mirror

by Philip J. Gould

Abduction. Theft. Murder. Betrayal.

Created as a prototype for a soldier of the future, sixteen-year-old Sophie Jennings possesses abilities like no other. With exceptional strength, intelligence, endurance, longevity and the ability to become invisible, she is a force to be reckoned with, but many will try.
Her father, a bio-geneticist with a murky past, has ties to a corporation whose motives are questionable. His unease with their intentions, prompts him to run, taking Sophie with him.
Their journey unleashes a malicious chain of events that will pin Sophie up against a sadistic and equally powerful opponent and force her into a position to utilise every skill necessary to outwit and outrun her pursuers.
Fight or flight? Hide or seek?
For Sophie, the decision is simple.
Unbeknownst to her, taking out two armed men will only be the beginning of what she’ll face during the next forty-eight hours.
Will Sophie, inexperienced and untested, prove to be their worst enemy?

The Girl in the Mirror is a gripping action adventure that twists and turns, and twists some more. Like Sophie Jennings, you won’t see the end coming…

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