Free fantasy Kindle books for 12 Aug 18

The Helion Depths – Monster Hunting for Fun and Profit: Planeswalking Monster Hunters for Hire (Weird Fantasy, Guns, Multiverse Adventure, and Mythical Monster Hunter Team)

by Eddie Patin

Explore other Universes.
Hunt Deadly Monsters.
Make a Profit.

Recruit Riley Wyatt is a little nervous, even though he’s gone through portals to other universes before.

The prestigious mercenary group the Ninth Fists isn’t easy to get into–Riley made the cut because of his special augmentations, skills, and a personal drive that only a member of his military’s special forces could develop. Now, on his first mission with his new squad to a living, multi-layered planet in a strange universe, Riley is determined to do his best to protect the company’s Helium miners deep underground from the increasing aggression of the world’s subterranean wildlife.

However, across infinite space-time, other universes and multiverses can hold very bizarre secrets, and as the situation in the depths of the helium mine worsens, Riley finds himself separated from his squad and trying to save himself and the others with his intellect instead of raw firepower. Will the young monster hunter’s first mission with the Ninth Fists end with frigid oblivion in the Helion Depths?

The Helion Depths is a fast-paced weird science fiction/fantasy story related to the “Monster Hunting for Fun and Profit” series. Before Riley Wyatt was the smirking cybernetic gunslinger in Jason Leaper’s Reality Rifters Monster Hunting Team, he was a mercenary in a corporate acquisitions team called the Ninth Fists. This is a glimpse into Riley’s backstory. If you love books about guns, survival, vicious and terrible mythical monsters, cosmic horror, time travel, DINOSAURS, and exploring strange new worlds … read this series today!

Dragon Knight: A New Adult Fantasy Novel (Reclaiming the Fire Book 2)

by Alicia Wolfe

Jade McClaren used to be a cat burglar out for no one except herself and her sister, but now she’s part of something bigger. She’s a Fae Knight, one of the few tasked with policing the supernatural elements in post-Fae-rival New York City. Teamed up with a handsome Fae Knight named Davril Stormguard, she must investigate magical crimes, some of which she used to commit.

The imp Federico has gone missing, and only Jade and Davril can get him back.

They have to hurry, though. The evil witch Angela has kidnapped the little rascal for her own purposes, and whatever those are, they can’t be good. She wants to destroy the Fae and bring the great evil known as the Shadow to our world.

As if this weren’t bad enough, Jade and Davril are having a hard time working together. He’s a Fae cop and she’s a human thief, and those two things just don’t mix. Can Jade and Davril work out their own problems in time to save Federico and stop Angela?

Dragon Knight is the second book of the Reclaiming the Fire New Adult Urban Fantasy series, but it can be read as a standalone. This is a full-sized book full of magic, action and romance, perfect for readers of Patricia Briggs or Charlaine Harris.

The Traitor in the Trees: The Magical Adventures of a Thief

by Michael Dane

Ricci is used to being accused of thieveryâ??in fact, he prides himself in it. But the novelty of being the number one suspect in the crime of the century quickly evaporates when he discovers the future of all he loves is held in the ruthless claws of a true, master thief.

When Ricci, an eleven-year-old orphan from Earth, is invited to the elf city of Trinnifain, his sticky fingers twitch with excitement. Eager to perfect his craft on the friendlyâ??if naiveâ??elves, he patrols the city’s winding lanes in pursuit of loose purses and easy trinkets to liberate from their owners.

His gold-snatching days take a turn for the worse when two Protection Seeds are stolen from their graves in the city’s most sacred trees. If the remaining Seeds disappear, it will result in the complete annihilation of elf-kind. Ricci has grown fond of the peaceful speciesâ??and their goldâ??so sets aside his pick-pocketing ways to focus his attention on saving the remaining Seeds from ambitious hands.

Ricci’s quest for saving the Seeds inadvertently lands him as a key suspect in the theft. Following a stint in the cells, he becomes an object for the king’s wrath, and worseâ??ostracized at school. If Ricci’s resolve waivers even a little, the elves may become nothing more than a memory, a shadow in a past long forgotten.

The debut novel by M Dane, The Traitor in the Trees, is a new addition to the great fantasy tradition of Cornelia Funke, Brandon Mull and Patricia C. Wrede.

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