Free horror Kindle books for 12 Aug 18

Ouija (Free Nightmares Book 5)

by Travis Mays

The fifth book of the Free Nightmares series. Be the victim of an Ouija board. Most authors would write such a book in a traditional way: a person becomes possessed, an exorcism is performed, the demon is banished, and all is well; a happy ending for everyone.
This is not one of those books.
I am not one of those authors.

The Mr. (The Mr. Mystery)

by Jeremiah Simmons

What’s wrong with his name? Is it his personality? Doesn’t it fit his name? Certainly, something of an “Experiment” must’ve caused him to be like this. This is something mysterious. Something creepy. But you’re going to have to figure it out in my first book about a man who doesn’t like his name.

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