Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 12 Aug 18

Witchbone Book One: The Goblin’s Winter

by Alex Norton

Danny Hallow, a boy of eleven with a strange family history, is brought to the town of Eddystone. His Keepers bring him for the reading of Enoch Wildwood’s will, an uncle he didn’t even know existed until the man is mysteriously killed.
Eddystone is locked in the grip of extreme winter temperatures, an endless arctic spell unheard of for over a century. Along with the cold comes a new kind of predator, small, vicious and undeterred by the weather. A predator that takes an interest in Danny.
While staying at the Wildwood’s ancestral estate of Gnomewood Home, Danny gets more than he bargained for in his uncle’s will and learns his family is even more peculiar than he ever imagined. He’s either blessed or cursed (maybe both) with some unusual genetics, and discovers that some people think he should never have been born at all.
With the help of new friends and the town’s most reviled outcast, Danny Hallow attempts to solve the riddle of the malevolent creatures that are plaguing this small seacoast town. Along the way, he begins to explore his own emerging abilities and tries to unravel his family’s secrets, kept contained for four hundred years within the crumbling walls of Gnomewood Home.

Frankie Sparrow: Private Investigator

by Ewan McGregor

Frankie Sparrow is always getting into trouble. This time he is paying the price …

It’s the school holidays and instead of enjoying himself with friends, Frankie is being forced to get a job.

It’s a good thing he’s going to work with his uncle, as a Private Investigator!

With a nest-robber on the loose and a missing teacher to track down, Frankie and his Uncle Charlie have no time to waste. However, little does Frankie know that getting a job might just land him in the biggest trouble of his life!

The first book in a laugh-out-loud funny adventure series for 8+ readers from Ewan McGregor, Frankie Sparrow: Private Investigator is action packed with mystery, mischief and mayhem!

Join Frankie on his first adventure today!

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