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Manipulation: The Complete Guide to Persuasion, Covert Emotional Manipulation and Influencing People

by Kevin Skylark

Some People Achieve More in life rather than other people who still struggle. But the matter of the fact is that these people not only know to control their own mind but actually they can also control the mind of other person by the process of manipulation

Yo, El Lápiz: Traducción al Español de I, Pencil (Spanish Edition)

by Leonard Read

El clásico ensayo de Leonard E. Read que en un lenguaje sencillo y agradable en pocas páginas explica la complejidad de la toma de decisiones en una economía. El porqué de las superioridad de una economía de mercado sobre un sistema planificado de producción dada la infinidad de decisiones que se tienen que tomar.
Nota del traductor: Esta será la primera de una serie de traducciones que tengo planeadas, quiero traer los libros de la Foundation for Economic Education asi como libros de la Escuela Austríaca de Economía al español a precios accesibles. Al comprar este libro apoyas este proyecto. Cuando llegue a 100 ventas publicaré “la mentalidad anticapitalista” de Ludwig von Mises.

Meditation: Practical Meditation Techniques for Reducing Anger, Stress, and Anxiety for Calm and Happy Life. (Yoga, Mindfullness, Meditation for beginners, … relaxation, stress relief, happiness,)

by Bassam Ghamdi

Use these Meditation secrets to immediately eliminate stress, anger and anxiety Today!

In this day and age where lives have become extremely hectic, everybody needs a release that can help them stave off illnesses that are not only physical in nature but also mental.
Unlike physical illnesses, mental illnesses are difficult to cure, as they vary greatly from person to person, and do not come with a single type of treatment. Some of these include stress, anxiety and extreme anger.
If you happen to suffer from any of these and would like to find a solution to your problem, then you have come to the right place! This book will act as your guide to meditation and usher your life in the right direction.
You will learn how meditation can help you combat stress, anxiety and anger and to lead a happy life.
I hope you have a good time reading this book!

Here is a preview of what you will learn…

  • The benefits of the meditation
  • Meditation for anger management
  • Meditation to combat stress and anxiety
  • Meditation to increase happiness in your own life
  • Tools required to get started effectively
  • Meditation chants
  • and much much more
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    The Essays

    by Francis Bacon

    One of the major political figures of his time, Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626) served in the court of Elizabeth I and ultimately became Lord Chancellor under James I in 1617. A scholar, wit, lawyer and statesman, he wrote widely on politics, philosophy and science – declaring early in his career that ‘I have taken all knowledge as my province’. In this, his most famous work, he considers a diverse range of subjects, such as death and marriage, ambition and atheism, in prose that is vibrant and rich in Renaissance learning. Bacon believed that rhetoric – the force of eloquence and persuasion – could lead the mind to the pure light of reason, and his own rhetorical genius is nowhere better expressed than in these vivid essays.

    Um golpe americano: A última valsa dos traidores (Portuguese Edition)

    by Fernando Rosa

    O livro “Um golpe americano – A última valsa dos traidores” reúne artigos de análise sobre o Golpe de Estado ainda em curso no Brasil sob a visão da geopolítica. Identifica as digitais norte-americanas, os interesses econômicos externos e o envolvimento, sob variadas formas, de operadores nacionais. Os artigos seguiram a cronologia dos acontecimentos, mas são aqui apresentados do final para o início da ação golpista.

    Os artigos deixam claro que o golpe é para destruir a Nação, afastar o País do BRICS e do Mercosul, alinhar aos EUA. Ã? para liquidar com a infraestrutura e a defesa nacional e assaltar o Pré-Sal. Impedir o Brasil de manter o atual protagonismo multilateral. Interromper o processo de superação da viralatice secular imposta pelas elites. E transformar o Brasil em uma “colônia americana”.

    As ruas, no entanto, mostram que o golpe não tem futuro. Os cidadãos, a juventude, as mulheres, a sociedade civil já declararam sua insubmissão aos golpistas. Um governo que emerge de um golpe é um governo ilegítimo. � a cara de um Brasil do passado, que o mundo está execrando. O Brasil de verdade é o da resistência de todos os brasileiros livres.

    Why the World Sucks and What We Can Do About It

    by B Regan Asher

    The world we live in is a mess. Our leaders lie with impunity. Governments are deadlocked. Cities and countries are flirting with default. And can you believe it? A parking ticket can cost more than a careless driving ticket.

    The 20th century promise of a great society has turned out to be bunk. Our own neighbors are hypocritical and dishonest. Citizenship and common courtesy are endangered species. Even terrorists call us “decadent and corrupt”.

    Politically we’re paralyzed. Conservatives come across as selfish. Liberals come across as lazy. Right and left are both blinded by self-interest, making civilized discussion impossible. And don’t think the legal system will be any help. It’s arrogant, showing little respect for citizens and giving scant consideration to the innocent.

    So why does the world suck? Because we’re not asking the right questions. Should leaders be allowed to lie? Did democracy contribute to the Greek financial crisis? Will I eventually need a license to pee? Questions like these need answers. And solutions.

    “Why the World Sucks” offers a fresh view of our shortcomings along with some possible remedies. Steering clear of politics, it dissects the system itself rather than pushing any particular ideology. Sometimes lightheartedly. Sometimes a little preachy. But with a dash of humility.

    Nothing is sacred. No idea is too far-fetched. And no solution is perfect. It’s a different thought process, a discussion that’s long overdue. Will you be a part of it?

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