Free science fiction Kindle books for 12 Aug 18


by Ray Blackwell

What does a gun-runner, shuttle thief, con-man, Marine Captain, Dust Pirate and a mentally challenged giant have in common?
Not much, except a commandeered Terran Republic Battle-Cutter. After Rand and his team of misfits take over a military patrol craft, the ruthless Terran Republic’s, President Teller puts a bounty on the crew so high that every bounty-hunter, man, woman and child wants a piece of the action.
Rand leads his team in an effort to escape Terran Republic space. They must face the challenges imposed by the Terran Republic Security Force (TRSF), Reticulii and the Black Knight Bounty-Hunters Association, and more in this fast paced adventure.
The quirkiness of the crew blends together into humorous, thought-provoking and sometimes heart-warming moments, that will leave the reader happy they went on the thrill ride.

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