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A Royal Chef: A Sweet Romance Novella (A Santa Rosa Royal Romance Book 1)

by Caroline Mickelson

When Tex-Mex chef Madison Bishop receives an invitation from her old college friend Princess Helena to collaborate on a fundraising project, she’s delighted to accept the offer. Once she arrives in Aidinovia, Madison is enchanted with the entire Tollvi Royal Family, the picturesque European principality, and she’s especially intrigued by a palace driver named Luis.

However, Madison soon learns that Luis is not at all what he seems to be. He’s handsome and charming, but unfortunately, he’s also a prince. Which means that his life as a royal, and hers as a restaurant owner from North Texas, are completely incompatible. But although Madison’s mind accepts this, her traitorous heart longs for a happily ever after.

Please Note: This story was originally published under the title ‘Midnight in Monterra’ and was a part of Sariah Wilson Royal’s of Monterra Kindle World.

More Than I Can Bare

by King Benjamin

****Standalone Novel****
Nicole is twenty-seven years old and works as a financial adviser for a small bank. When a banking client she’s had a crush on continues to pursue her, Nicole decides to throw caution to the wind and jump back in the dating game. The two discover they have magical chemistry and they soon become the it couple among their family and friends, but once they take their vows things take a drastic change for the worse.
Tony is the man most women dream of walking into their lives and never leaving. He’s young handsome and financially stable. After withdrawing from the world to mourn over the death of his parents, he meets Nicole who ignites a fire inside of him. She pushes him to new heights in his career and is everything he could ask for, but when she can’t deliver on the one thing most important to him it sets off a chain of events that exposes a darker side of them both that neither knew existed.

Angel and Dre are cousins of Nicole and Tony and they’ve been living single on the party scene most of their adult lives. Sparks fly when they meet but there’s a question as to whether either is ready for a commitment. After some major setbacks they decide to give it one last try, but will Tony and Nicole’s madness stand in their way? Or will all the connecting pieces leave everyone fighting for their own sanity?

Never Let Go

by Cynthia Eden

He was more than just a manâ?¦

Dr. Elizabeth Parker didn’t like wild, dangerous menâ?¦yet she still found herself falling for sexy Navy SEAL Sawyer Cage. He was her exact oppositeâ??a man she should definitely stay away from, a man who lived for the thrill of dangerâ?¦but he was also the man she found herself wanting more than any other.

But their secret relationship ended in heartbreak when Sawyer was killed on a mission. Grieving for him, the last thing Elizabeth ever expected was to find Sawyer listed as a test subject for the top secret government project she was headingâ??a project called Lazarus.

For years, Elizabeth had worked feverishly to unlock the secrets of life and death, and with her Lazarus formula, she finally thought she’d made a breakthrough. Only she never expected to use Lazarus on her lover.

But the choice is taken out of Elizabeth’s handsâ?¦

Sawyer is given the Lazarus formula, and he’s transported to a remote government facility. At that facility, Sawyer wakes once more, only he’s not the same man. He’s stronger, he’s faster, his reflexes and his senses are ten times better than an average man’s. The government calls Sawyer a super soldierâ?¦ Elizabeth still calls himâ?¦hers.

Unfortunately, Sawyer has no memory of his life before Lazarus. All he knows is that something about the sexy doctor awakes a primal response in him. He wants her, and he’ll do anything to possess her. Soul-deep, he feels that she was meant to be his.

Death waits in the darkness.

But something is wrong inside the Lazarus facility. The test subjects are holding back secrets, and danger seems to lurk in the air. The Lazarus subjects are super-human now, and some of those subjects have a very, very dark side. Twisted cravings drive them to the very edge of sanity. Can Sawyer keep Elizabeth safe from the madness around themâ?¦or will the growing darkness consume them both?

NEVER LET GO…a gripping new romantic suspense from New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Cynthia Eden.

Her Bodyguard: Bad Luck Brides Trilogy, Book 1

by Emily March

The McBride Menaces are all grown up as Emily March’s beloved Bad Luck Brides series continues.

When a fortune-teller reveals that she and her sisters have the power to end the Curse of Clan McBride forever, pragmatic chocolatier Mari McBride dismisses the claim as nonsense. But when a series of tragedies befall her family and send her on a quest to save those she loves, she turns to mysterious gunslinger, Luke Garrett, for help.

Luke’s desire to protect–and seduce–the beautiful Menace leads them both into danger. The violent collision of Luke’s past and present reveal sinister secrets that push Mari further away. Is she cursed to be the next victim of McBride bad luck? Or will the true love of a wicked man be her–and her sisters’–salvation?

The Eye of Ra (Repeating History Book 1)

by Dakota Chase

Repeating History: Book One

Both Aston and Grant have a talent for finding troubleâ??it’s what landed them at the Stanton School for Boysâ??but this time, their mischief might send them to a completely different world.

When they accidentally destroy their teacher’s priceless archaeological artifacts, he demands they replace them. And since the teacher in question is Merlin, refusing isn’t an option for the two boys. Thanks to Merlin’s magic, they’re about to become time travelers.

The first piece on their list is the Eye of Ra, a mystical amulet belonging to the young King Tut. Ancient Egypt is nothing like Aston and Grant expected, with its war, disease, and lack of modern technology. To survive, they must befriend King Tut and learn to trust himâ??and each other. In a primitive world, where death and danger wait around every corner, one thing is clear: revisiting history could cost someone their life.

Lethal Love: Season 1: Episode 2 – Hard to Swallow

by Rachel Fiore

Sometimes death is easier than divorce.

My wife cheated on me. I walked in on the act, expecting to come home to her being happy that I was home from work early. We went to counseling after that, but I felt like our marriage was over.

And then someone murdered her. The police aren’t doing their job to find the killer. Instead, they’re harassing me with questions as if I’m the criminal. If they aren’t going to find who killed my wife, then I will.

And they will pay. Dearly.

Note: This is an episode of the series Lethal Love. Each story can be read exclusively of each other, as the plot of each one is not connected and involves different characters.

Isolation (The White Out Series)

by Mateo Gutierrez

ISOLATION is a 50 page novella and provides backstory on seven characters in the forthcoming WHITE OUT series. It is set in the last days before all Caucasian men are put into United Nations created “Male Caucasian Zones” due to the MCIV (Male Caucasian Immunodeficiency Virus) outbreak.

The WHITE OUT series: In the near future a virus has spread across earth. It starts with flu like symptoms and ends in organ failure and death. Scientist discover that the virus targets Caucasian men, however, when Caucasian men are isolated or in their own company they fully recover, as do non-Caucasians and women. The CDC names the virus “Male Caucasian Immunodeficiency Virus” or “MCIV”. The United Nations and all participating nations unanimously agree to create nine massive 35,000 square mile “Zones” with 250 “Colonies” comprised of 28 structures in which to isolate and protect earth’s Caucasian men from the rest of the human population and stop the spread of the virus.

Once Upon A Curse: 17 Dark Faerie Tales (Once Upon Series)

by Yasmine Galenorn

#1 Bestseller in Fantasy Anthologies and Dark Fantasy Seventeen magical stories from NY Times and USA Today bestsellers and award-winning authors that will entice you to the darker side of faerie tales. More Grimm than Disney, in this collection you’ll find twists on Snow White, Hansel & Gretel, Rumpelstiltskin, The Snow Queen, Cinderella, The Pied Piper, Alice in Wonderland, and Red Riding Hood, plus new tales paying homage to the old traditions.

Shadows cannot exist without light, however, and you’ll find enough happily-ever-afters to lift your spirits in this anthology full of adventure, dark powers, and ultimately the enduring power of true love. *Volume 1 in the Once Upon Anthologies Series featuring dozens of faerie tale retellings. Don’t forget to grab Once Upon A Kiss (Volume 2) and Once Upon A Quest (Volume 3).
YARROW, STURDY AND BRIGHT by Devon Monk – Sweet music cannot hide a wicked heartâ?¦

FAE HORSE by Anthea Sharp – Faerie bargains can grant any desire, but be careful what you wish for.

THE QUEEN OF FROST AND DARKNESS by Christine Pope – Her heart is the only thing colder than a Russian winterâ?¦.

BONES by Yasmine Galenorn – Sometimes, your most cherished dream can turn out to be a nightmare.

MAGIC AFTER MIDNIGHT by C. Gockel – The Wicked Stepmother is about to meet her matchâ?¦

DANCE WITH THE DEVIL by Donna Augustine – When the devil makes a deal with a dancer, he gets more than he bargained for.

NO GIFT OF WORDS by Annie Bellet – Never steal from a witch…

THE GRIM BROTHER by Audrey Faye – Not all walks in the wood end wellâ?¦

BEAST INSIDE BEAUTY by Danielle Monsch – Happily Ever After ain’t guaranteed when Once Upon a Time is here.

FAESCORNED by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson – The Morrigan, Celtic goddess of war and strife, must relive a painful memory that reminds her of what she can never have.

DRAWN TO THE BRINK by Tara Maya – Sajiana’s job is to hunt down monsters brought alive from paintings. She never expected to meet one so handsome… or to need his help.

THE VARIANCE COURT by Alexia Purdy – Anna, a struggling college student, discovers a mysterious ring that turns her quiet life chaotic when the ring’s magic doesn’t do what it’s told.

THE MORRIGAN by Phaedra Weldon – A young man discovers he has leprechaun blood – and is wanted by dark faerie forces.

ALICE by Julia Crane – A twisted tale of Alice and Wonderland. Facing madness and an ominous prophecy, Alice chooses to follow her heart despite knowing her world is about to change forever.

STILL RED by Sabrina Locke – When the Hunters come, can there be any escape?

THE FINAL STRAW by Jennifer Blackstream – To banish a gold-spinning demon, first you must guess his name…

THE UNICORN HUNTER by Alethea Kontis – Only Snow White knows what really happened in the forestâ?¦

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