Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 13 Aug 18

Faris and Jack

by Melanie Cusick-Jones

Life has not been kind to ten-year-old Faris. He has lived at the Grimbaldi Foundation for the Potentially Lacking for as long as he can remember, so long that he doesn’t even have a last name – he’s Faris, just Faris.

One magical night an opportunity to escape lands on his window ledge and Faris grabs hold with both hands. He doesn’t know where or who he will end up with, just that life anywhere but The Foundation has to be better.

Join Faris on his first adventure, when he finds out that he is a lot more than a â??normal’ boy and what friendship really means. Perhaps you will be as surprised as him when you meet his new friendsâ?¦.

(Children’s book, aimed at readers aged 7+)

Graceful G: Learn words starting with G with fun rhymes and pictures (Learning the Alphabet Book 7)

by Desiree Low

Learn words starting with G in a fun way using rhyme and colorful pictures to stir imaginations. The full alphabet is available in the series

Sandy and Sandra Crane (The Tales Of Wooffer’s Woods Book 20)

by Betty Fasig

20. A Tale Of Wooffer’s Woods – Behind Pogo’s new house, behind the fence and a little way beyond, was a big vacant field that turned into a smooth, beautiful, shallow lake after a big rain. There were no trees but there was a lot of tall weeds, and plenty of water to wade in. There were also places of higher, drier, ground to make a nice, dry nest.

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