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Fruits and Benefits: Health and fruits

by Open source Internet

If you are searching for the scientific understanding of fruits to take care of all your beloved than this book is for you. Now you please and reflect in your action in knowledge.

…A BOOK: THE BOOK THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT; Credit & Expungements / A how to guide for the people

by Christopher Owens


Christopher Owens reveals some of the industries tips and trick on improving your credit score all while providing relevant details to enforce your success. He’s managed to be relatable by drawing on his very own experience, misfortunes and mishaps and shares them with the hopes that you/readers will avoid the same blunders. Owens provides you with the tools to get the job done!


Bitcoin: Widening Digital colonization and end of social bonding?

by Rias Uddin

Bitcoin is called “the future of the global monetary system.” The mysterious entity or person named ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’, on 31st October of the year 2008 gave birth to Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto claims the financial crisis in 2008 proved the failure of the modern banking system and reliance on banks. The author argues that money has to be controlled by financial institutions. An individual cannot issue own currency. The federal reserve Act of 1913 created the federal reserve bank to cut the unreliability and instability of individual banks issued notes. The book tries to expose the reality of Bitcoin. It is a global threat. The paper proves Bitcoin admits the begin of digital colonization and the end of social bonding. Bitcoin entails no legal or arbitrary mediation. It is a proof of the end of trust in the society.
Has digital colonization been started?

2 Best Ways To Earn Money While Sleeping: Amazon KDP and YouTube is Best Source of Passive Income (Gujarati Edition)

by SeNjaLiya JaLLay

Hi Friends,
We all always look for extra money, But though we don’t know actual Method to get it that is why we always stumble. Here is the 2 Best source of Passive Income I Have Covered In Deep To Make You More Rich As Soon As Possible.

How to Create MultiMaths Educational Math Dice Games: By Alfred H Gorman Educational Psychologist

by Alfred H Gorman Educational Psychologist

Multi Math Educational Dice Games
This book does not contain the actual games it only contains the rules for playing MultiMaths Dice Games and how to make your own special design MultiMathsâ?¢ Game dice.
MultiMaths is basically, a set of educational math games, at three levels, with at least 5 different ways to play at each level. For educational purposes, the games are primarily for children 8 to 13 years of age. Each game level set consists of 6 dice, selected from a basic set of 5 different, simple to make custom designed dice faces.
Reinforcing traditional classroom learning and rewarding the learners with a fun and interactive way of practicing what they have learned, as well as discovering new ways of manipulating the mathematical concepts and processes involved in multiplication, division, addition and subtraction, using whole numbers, fractions and indices.
1. Hands on mathematical experimentation by groups of 3 students
2. Creative application and practice of new math concepts and processes
3. Reinforcement and Reward for math lessons
4. Increasing learner motivation and discovery learning opportunities
5. Developing learner’s observational and problem solving skills
6. Release the teacher for informal individual observation and support where needed
7. Game time can be 20 minutes or more
To maximize participation and learning the ideal is 3 players per set of dice.
MultiMaths provides a set of instructionally sound educational games which combine creative and logical modes of thinking, and provide a variety of ability levels, from very simple to complex forms. Furthermore, it provides the opportunity for learner experimentation, observational and discovery learning experiences via the game’s small, informal and independent peer group interaction.
The MultiMaths book consists of clear, simple and concise game instructions, as well as drawings of the 5 different dice designs and directions for making your own MultiMaths dice.
All you need is 18 blank wooden 15mm cubes, to make up the 3 different game sets of 6 dice each.
What students will learn:
-Each game group can choose in advance any combination of addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, whole numbers, indices and fractions they want to use in their game.
-They will learn more quickly by watching and imitating each other.
-They will learn how to create new mathematical formulas and concepts.
-Every time they roll the dice the element of chance levels the playing field giving every player an opportunity to compete successfully with more skilled players.
About Alfred
Alfred has over 40 years’ of Achievement as a Teachers College Educational Psychology Lecturer, School Psychologist and Management Consultant. He has taught over 4000 school students, teachers and management staff and written the following 16 educational resources:
How to Develop Seven Important Academic and Personal Student Survival Skills eBook
How to Create MultiMaths Educational Math Dice Games eBook
Teacher Innovation Management Workshop eBook
A Failsafe Way to Teach Your Child to Read with the â??Learn to Read Together Method’ eBook
Workshop Leader’s Manual for the â??Learn to Read Together Method’ Workshop eBook
Total Innovation Management Workshop eBook
Four Staff Development Workshops: Creative Problem Solving; Leadership; Team Building; Stress Management
Three Teachers College Educational Psychology Semester Courses and Three Textbooks

Table of Contents
How to Play
How to Win
Basic Game Rules
Advanced Game Rules
Dice Making Instructions

CAT EXAM Book 2018 – How To Prepare For CAT 2018 With Positive Attitude: How To Prepare For MBA CAT Examination With Logical Approach

by Semsols Technology

Fear is the reason of Failure. With Positive mindset you can easily overcome fear & convert your failure to SUCCESS. For positive thinking you need tips to control you exam anxiety & increase confidence. Along with that you also need proper planned approach to your MBA CAT 2018 preparation. “How To Prepare For CAT 2018 With Positive Attitude” provides you with the tips to concur your anxiety & fear such that you can use it in positive way.

To think Positive you need some logical & planned approach to your MBA CAT 2018 preparation that why we have worksheet to track your performance through your CAT 2018 preparation. Following the worksheet will boost your confidence.

Author of this book teaches MBA students about positive approach came across many students, whose preparation was very good but they did not succeed due to last moment anxiety.

Analyzing the impact of nervousness, negative attitude and exam fear, the author came up with this book to help aspiring students, to boost their confidence, positivity in their approach and process based approach to their preparation.

If you are thinking about these questions on daily basis then you should think to go for this book.

Do you find yourself unable plan your MBA preparation?
Do you get depressed with your low mock test scores?
Are you clueless about how to concentrate on your preparations?
You don’t know how to track & keep record of your errors?
Do you want to know how to discuss about your preparations?

What you will get by reading this book.

You will learn how to plan, revise and track your errors.
You will learn how to get positive at the time of examination.
You will learn to conquer your exam fear and anxiety.
You will master the techniques to not same mistake again & again.
You will discover way in which you can manage your time appropriately.

What all are covered in this book.

“A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results. Wade Boggs”

Likewise, author had tried to include the framework which will turn your negativity in to positive energy. This book will give you process based techniques to follow the path to positive attitude.

The 10 points section of reducing anxiety & gaining confidence will give you the needed boost in achieving success. As the small story of positive attitude says

“A king put a big boulder on the roadway. He hid himself and watched to see who will remove this boulder. Many of his strong soldiers passed by, without bothering. Many of his rich merchants went without even noticing it. Many of the common people blamed king, for not keeping the town clean. But none of them bothered to remove it. After some time there came a peasant with load of vegetables. He saw the boulder, put his vegetables aside and tried to remove the boulder from path. After many attempt he was successful in removing it. Once removed he saw a jute box lying at the place where boulder was. He opened it and found 100 gold coins with the note from king: This belongs to the person who removes the boulder from roadway. “

So this story states:
“Every hindrance gives us golden opportunity to flourish”
” Positive approach in your work opens doors to happiness & success”

So as the peasant you can also get out of your mental hindrance and achieve success in your entrance examination. This book will help you in creating, guiding and achieving your target.

Modern Mathematics Education for Engineering Curricula in Europe: A Comparative Analysis of EU, Russia, Georgia and Armenia

by Seppo Pohjolainen

This open access book provides a comprehensive overview of the core subjects comprising mathematical curricula for engineering studies in five European countries and identifies differences between two strong traditions of teaching mathematics to engineers. The collective work of experts from a dozen universities critically examines various aspects of higher mathematical education.The two EU Tempus-IV projects – MetaMath and MathGeAr – investigate the current methodologies of mathematics education for technical and engineering disciplines. The projects aim to improve the existing mathematics curricula in Russian, Georgian and Armenian universities by introducing modern technology-enhanced learning (TEL) methods and tools, as well as by shifting the focus of engineering mathematics education from a purely theoretical tradition to a more applied paradigm.MetaMath and MathGeAr have brought together mathematics educators, TEL specialists and experts in education quality assurance form 21 organizations across six countries. The results of a comprehensive comparative analysis of the entire spectrum of mathematics courses in the EU, Russia, Georgia and Armenia has been conducted, have allowed the consortium to pinpoint and introduce several modifications to their curricula while preserving the generally strong state of university mathematics education in these countriesThe book presents the methodology, procedure and results of this analysis.This book is a valuable resource for teachers, especially those teaching mathematics, and curriculum planners for engineers, as well as for a general audience interested in scientific and technical higher education.

Do You Know Your Fruits?

by X. Y. Emily

Horray! Let’s be bilinguals! Your little one will soon learn some essential words with this educational picture book. Read in English, Spanish and Chinese.

Building the Foundation: Whole Numbers in the Primary Grades: The 23rd ICMI Study (New ICMI Study Series)

by Maria G. Bartolini Bussi

This twenty-third ICMI Study addresses for the first time mathematics teaching and learning in the primary school (and pre-school) setting, while also taking international perspectives, socio-cultural diversity and institutional constraints into account. One of the main challenges of designing the first ICMI primary school study of this kind is the complex nature of mathematics at the early level. Accordingly, a focus area that is central to the discussion was chosen, together with a number of related questions. The broad area of Whole Number Arithmetic (WNA), including operations and relations and arithmetic word problems, forms the core content of all primary mathematics curricula. The study of this core content area is often regarded as foundational for later mathematics learning. However, the principles and main goals of instruction on the foundational concepts and skills in WNA are far from universally agreed upon, and practice varies substantially from country to country. As such, this study presents a meta-level analysis and synthesis of what is currently known about WNA, providing a useful base from which to gauge gaps and shortcomings, as well as an opportunity to learn from the practices of different countries and contexts.

The College Dropout’s Guide to Poetry

by Tame The Ruckus

For all you Degenerate Kings out there, behold, THE COLLEGE DROPOUT’S GUIDE TO POETRY!

Partly written in the back of a 1999 Camry with knowledge gleamed from countless hours spent in food courts, libraries, and homeless shelter is The College Dropout’s Guide To Poetry, the sum of my renegade efforts to learn poetry in the face of higher education as we know it. *shakes dirty fist*

Behold the soon to be highly acclaimed prequel to the unwritten “College Dropout’s Guide to Living in Your Camry” and the nonexistant “I Dropped out of College to Write This Nonsense” and get cultured the way Ol’ Dirty Bastard would have wanted you to!

Disclaimer: May cause severe disruptions in higher learning. Unless, of course, you’re really really high.

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