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Everyday Angels

by Charity Virkler Kayembe

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Hope Rekindled: A Heart Empowered

by Raghad Ebied

Hope Rekindled: A Heart Empowered is a compilation of poems, prose, quotes, and reflections on hope, healing, empowerment, and faith as we journey through life’s trials and triumphs, and as we fall and rise. It invites us to listen to our heart’s truth, to find the peace our soul longs for, and to be resilient in our pursuit of purpose and finding fulfillment. It allows us to consider how challenges can provide us with an opportunity to rekindle our spirit, renew our courage, and inspire our hearts to heal. And it encourages us to remember our common humanity and embrace kindness and compassion so we can make a positive difference and live in a more peaceful world, which I believe starts with hope and empowerment in the heart.

“Hope Rekindled: A Heart Empowered tackles the important topic of transformation and healing in a world desperate for hope. With the widespread loss of meaning and purpose in today’s world, there couldn’t be a better time to revive the hearts that have been broken under the pressure of pain and loss.”
-Yasmin Mogahed, International Speaker & Author

About the Author:

Raghad Ebied is a transformational speaker, writer, and education and training consultant with over 10 years of experience in the fields of education reform, leadership, diversity, holistic well-being, and positive transformation in schools, government, community and non-profit organizations.

Her passion for positive transformation enabled her to pursue a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from the U.K, preceded by a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelors in Education in addition to certifications in leadership, life coaching, and relationship coaching from Canadian and American universities and institutions.

Her desire to inspire more compassion in others led her to complete Compassion Cultivation and Spiritual Care Training at Stanford University in the U.S, which crystallized her vision of inspiring more compassion, courage, and contribution so we can work collectively for the betterment of all humanity. She’s also the co-author of the “Hadi’s Adventures” children’s book series which promotes character education, inquiry, and diversity. She lives with her husband and their two children in Canada.

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Amish All Along

by Monica Marks

Ruby is a young Amish woman who has written off dating after another heartbreak. Not wanting to suffer again, she focuses her attention on keeping up her grandparent’s market stand. The business itself starts to struggle and Ruby is at her wit’s end…when Jethro Berkey walks back into her life.

Jethro had left the Amish community behind seven years ago. But now he has returned, more mature and even more handsome than Ruby remembered. But can they both find a way to share a future together and mend the hurts of the past?
What is a young Amish woman to do when the man she loves courts her best friend instead?

Daisy tapped against the porch railing with slight impatience, looking out at where the already pale sunshine was beginning to drain away. It would be dark in a couple of hours, and Sadie would no doubt already be waiting for her.

She heard steps approaching the house and turned, thinking that perhaps Sadie had come looking for her, but it was Andrew Miller, a friend of her eldest brother.

He greeted her pleasantly as he reached the porch.

“Jacob’s on his way back,” Daisy told him. “I saw him, Simon and the others headed over the pasture a minute ago.”

She had thought, for a moment, of waiting here on the porch until they returned… not to see her brothers, but because she knew who would be with them. She had not seen him in so long. But if she greeted the boys and then left immediately, it would be obvious that she had stayed just to see him.

She expected Andrew to move on, maybe to go and meet Jacob as he arrived, but he paused. He offered a smile, which Daisy returned, a little confusedly. She had never really spoken to Andrew before, except in passing. What did he want?

“Actually, I was hoping to catch you here. I wanted to ask you something.” He paused for a moment. “It’s just, my daed said I could use the good buggy this winter, and, well…”

He looked down for a moment and shuffled his feet. Daisy’s mouth opened in surprise. Was he… asking her to go courting? It seemed like it, although no boy had ever asked her before, so she lacked comparison points.

Should she say yes? He was handsome, but she did not knew him very well, and she had never felt any kind of attraction to him. Even so, would it be rude to refuse, especially as she had never received any other invitations?

These, and a hundred other thoughts, arrived in Daisy’s mind all at once, before Andrew had even raised his head again. They were so distracting that she almost failed to hear the next sentence he uttered:

“Do you think that Sadie would be interested in going for a drive with me?”

And with that one question, Daisy’s heart broke in two.

Sarah finds herself in a bind. She is physically attractive to the handsome and dashing Daniel as do all the eligible young women in the community. But Jeremiah has been a loyal and faithful friend. When both young men make their intentions to win her heart known, Sarah has a hard choice to make.

Faith didn’t want to see Matthew again. But when a fire ravages part of her Amish community, she is part of the group that is forced to take shelter in the same place as his family. To make things worse, the Holidays are only days away…They try to avoid one another but after a few days it seems impossible to not acknowledge one another. The two soon confront each other over why they broke up in the first place and realize their own faults. But is the spark still there?

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