Free history Kindle books for 14 Aug 18

Amy Carmichael Missionary : Missionary to Japan and India

by Brenda Winters

Very few Spiritual workers have had a life as great as Amy Carmichael. Mother Threasa we all know about. Here is one woman who did wonderful things for many others in Foreign lands.

Very few have endured as many hardships either and yet many have never heard of this remarkable woman.

Let his written book inspire you in your life. I am sure this written work is one you will remember for along time if not all of your life.

The Many Crimes of Wyatt Duvall: A Nontraditional Autobiography

by Wyatt Duvall

Meet Wyatt Duvall, the indisputable king of fake news. The name may not ring a bell, but make no mistake, you’ve probably fallen for one of his hoaxes. Using previously published news reports, memoirs, and top-secret speeches, the provocateur and prankster tells the funny and frightening story of his greatest crimes.

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