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Catharsis: Lost Chapters of Eschatology

by Cai Harbinger

Catharsis, from the Greek word katharsis meaning, Purification or Cleaning, is the purgation of emotions, mainly pity and fear, through art or any extreme change in sentiment that results in renewal and restoration. This work of fiction is meant as a catharsis.

I promised myself never to shy away from any subject with the potential to bring this project forward in the manner it needed to be. I wanted to find the boundaries of art and move them. I’m in no way promoting the subject matters handled in this work, many of which are as far away from my personal values as could be. That’s why they’re included in the first place. I searched the darkest nooks and crannies of my mind, looking for those things that truly scared and disgusted me. This wasn’t something enjoyable, and I’m afraid I damaged my soul in the process.

As the observant reader will notice, I consistently and deliberately bend the rules of language and grammar to the breaking point. I’m not doing it out of pretentiousness, but because I believe it gives the story an archaic, eerie and maybe even visceral atmosphere. Fiction isn’t so much about conveying information as it’s about evoking emotions. Hopefully, it won’t be too distracting and will feel quite natural after a couple of chapters. The plan is to keep this work as something at the forefront of the experimental, a playground for my creative ambitions, the canon of my legendarium, my magnum opus.

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