Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 14 Aug 18

A Reluctant Doppelganger (Life in Pink Book 1)

by Nick Hilliard

On a dare, Eddie Standish attends a Halloween ball costumed as the beautiful ingénue silent film star Theodora Desmond. When he is mistaken for the actress he is coerced into impersonating her again for a few public appearances after Theodora finds out she is pregnant. That seemingly simple plan, however, quickly becomes complicated when the actress is cast as the Biblical Delilah in a new “talkie.” What’s more, production begins within the week. Poor Eddie suddenly needs to hide much more than just his Adam’s apple in the scant costumes designed for the role of the seductive temptress.

His first night on the job Eddie attends a party dressed as “Theo.” Aggressively approached by a drunk and aging movie heart-throb, “Theo” fights off the boor, who is then found murdered just hours later. Suddenly, “Theo” is the prime suspect. To save himself, can Eddie solve the murder as well as star in one of Hollywood’s first talkies? And can he do it all while fooling a hunky Viscount, the brooding police detective John Lister, Theo’s Prince Charming costar Hugo Wainwright, along with the entire movie going world into believing that he really is the beautiful actress Theodora Desmond?

Dear Captor (Letters in Blood series Book 1)

by Liz Lovelock

“Not your average dark romance.” ~Amazon Reviewer

“Isn’t for the fainthearted.” ~Bloggers From Down Under Review

Never did I imagine I’d be the victim of a serial killer.

Waking up in a blood stained cell wasn’t how my first date with the sexy Detective Roman Blackwood was meant to turn out.

My captor lives to inflict pain. He tells me the girls who came before me are no more, then makes me a promise. I’m next.

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